Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fundraiser: Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Save the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, a fixture in the community for over a decade
The Mission of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum is noble honest endeavor: To create a fulltime research center and library towards educating and inspiring Bigfooters and the general public alike.

Mike Rugg owner and curator of the museum needs your help. We mentioned earlier how you could donate to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. Now for every $5 donation you can be entered in a raffle/funraiser to win a a chance to host The Extinct? Podcast or a painting by artist Steven DeMarco. Watch the video below as Ro Sahebi describes the details.

 If you still need convincing check out these awsome videos by Amazing Amanda who spent some time with Mike Rugg at Bigfoot Discovery Museum.

Part One

Part Two


  1. I've seen many of Mikes vids, but I'd never seen the Amazing Amanda, lol. Those were cool, thanks for the post Guy!

  2. I donated!! C'mon people, pass up the coffee & donuts for a couple of days in honor of Mike & the fantastic Bigfoot Discovery Project!!!

    Molly :-D

    1. remember to send your donation receipt to: thebigfootreport@gmail.com to be entered into the raffle!

  3. fundrising aimed at collecting money for socially important projects can be determined as very respectful, so we are to donate a bit if we earn something - the posterity will enjoy our contribution for sure.

  4. Anyone know what's going on with this? Their website has been closed :(


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