Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bigfoot Hair Samples for 30 Bucks -- While Supplies Last

One of the 100 samples of Bigfoot hair being sold by Ty Shafer
"You would think it would be coarse, but it looks really soft — like you would see on a well-groomed dog or something,” Ty Shafer Collector, Novelty Retailer

UPDATE! After talking to Ty Shafer again, he clarified the man who gave him the hair was from Utah and the hair was, in fact from a trap in Washington. Also the hair is no longer available for $30 it will be available and up for auction July 7th. We also asked about the odor and he said there was no discernible scent to the hair at all.. 

Lufkin man puts 'Bigfoot hair' up for sale

Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 10:26 am | Updated: 10:46 am, Tue Jun 19, 2012.
By ERIN PRADIA/The (Nacogdoches) Daily Sentinel

Monsters may not lurk under beds and in closets, but hair from Bigfoot may be bought at a place near you.

While Lufkin resident Ty Shafer cannot be 100 percent certain the hair he has in his possession is from Bigfoot himself, he is selling the novelty item for $30.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is commonly known as a hairy ape-like monster.
Shafer thought local residents may be interested in the novelty item because of the rumors of a Bigfoot wandering wooded areas of East Texas.

“If I sell it, it’s fine, if not I’ll keep it,” Shafer said. “Since I’ve been buying and selling things, my collection just keeps getting a little bigger.”

Shafer doesn’t have a shop, but he sells novelty items online, in local auctions and by taking out classified ads in the newspaper.

Shafer will appear on the History Channel’s Cajun and Pawn Stars show 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. According to www.history.com, Cajun Pawn Stars, puts a Southern spin on the History Channel’s hit series Pawn Stars, with a cast of quirky characters.

Shafer has taken out a classified ad to sell his lock of alleged Bigfoot hair.

“I got it from a guy out of state, actually. I can’t confirm it’s Bigfoot hair. You’d have to have the actual Bigfoot to match the hair,” Shafer said. “He’s just a big Bigfoot fan.”

The man Shafer purchased the lock of charcoal colored hair from had it labeled number seven of 10.
“You would think it would be coarse, but it looks really soft — like you would see on a well-groomed dog or something,” Shafer said.

Shafer is asking $30 for the lock of hair. So far, he has not had any serious inquiries in the two weeks since he acquired the hair.

“People who call about it are more curious than anything,” Shafer said. “They ask a few questions, but then they say they’ll get back to me.”

For information about the “Bigfoot hair,” or other items sold by Ty Shafer, call (936) 676-6059

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