Saturday, May 5, 2012

Richland WA Bigfoot Conference: Arla Williams PT 2: Birthing Stations

Arla Williams pointing to a  Sasquatch birthing area
decorated by a medicine wheel.
In our previous post Arla Williams talked about direction stones and medicine wheels. The placement of the the stones (presumably by Sasquatch) informed Arla that there is the possibility of a richer culture to Sasquatch. Perhaps the Native American stories were more literal when refering to the Sasquatch as people, and maybe they were performing some of the same traditions Native American practiced in the wild.

Arla Williams has had life long interactions and knowledge of what many call Bigfoot. She had her first encounter as a child of 6 with a young juvenile. She always knew they were there and accepted the fact that they were a people. After talking about Medicine Wheels she discusses the possibilities of Sasquatch Birthing Stations.

In the video below Arla how she interprets the structures she has become familiar with.


  1. Replies
    1. I make these out in the desert all the time when I camp. Lot's of people do.

  2. Yes I agree WTF I like hearing about 4 directions and what it means but after that it’s all about the dead sticks on the ground sounds like someone else I know. At least her photos weren’t blurry yes she had bad lighting with sun flare on them at least you could make them out. LOL
    And thanks Guy for posting:


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