Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Richland WA Bigfoot Conference: Thom Cantrall Highlights Pt 3 of 3

Conclusions on the Patterson Gimlin Film:

Thom Cantrall: Organizer of Pacific Northwest Conference on Primal People (Sasquatch),
the 2012 Bigfoot conference in Richland WA.
"...qualified experts in their respective fields yields extremely strong evidence of the veracity of the hypothesis that this is, indeed, a real Sasquatch" -- Thom Cantrall

Thom Cantrall continues his presentation by citing several independent conclusions that Patty, the Sasquatch in the Patterson/Gimlin film is real. If you dig a little deeper most of the comments by these individuals are more along the lines: the Patterson/Gimlin film would be extremely difficult to hoax, especially for the time period. Is this distinction necessary? It is debatable, but we believe it is more accurate. Here are quotes from the two of the several individuals he cites.
"After analyzing the biomechanical issues, I find very hard to believe somebody in 1967 could have fabricated the intricacies as evidenced by the soft tissue irregularities seen on the upper leg.  The science at that time was just far too primitive.” -- Dr. Andrew Nelson
“If this is a suit, it is the finest ever devised for it was beyond our capability in the 1960s.  Every hair would have had to have been individually attached to the model for this to do what it does in that film.” -- John Chambers (Planet of the Apes)
Below are four "facts" presented by Thom in his video. These are very good arguments supporting the level of difficulty of fabricating Patty. You can read a extended version of Thom's arguments at Ghost of Ruby Ridge website.

                      1.  Analysis of the herniated quadriceps muscle by Dr. Andrew Nelson and John Chambers leads them to conclude that “the creature in the film is NOT a fake or a hoax.”
                     2.  Analysis of the size and compliant gait of the being in the film by Professor Jeff Meldrum, Dr. Scott Lind, Bill Munns, Dr. Reuben Steinderf and Joe Russo leads them to conclude that the being in the film is of a height between 7’4″ and 8′ tall and that it walks with a gait that cannot be duplicated by even an athletic human.
                     3.  Analysis of the Costume by Peter Brooke, Bill Munns and John Chambers, all very well known in the costuming world and all are award winners, concluded that the materials needed to produce an effective costume of the type that would be necessary for that film were not available in the 1960s and even if they had been, no human could have physically been able to fill it and perform in it.
                     4.  Applying Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s Intermembral Index analysis to the figure in the film reveals an IM of 84, not the 72 IM found in humans for the 108 IM found in Chimpanzees.  84 is the IM of Sasquatch.
                     5.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to note here that if only ONE of the FOUR facts attested to here is true, the the figure in the film cannot be a man in a suit.  That all four are attested to by qualified experts in their respective fields yields extremely strong evidence of the veracity of the hypothesis that this is, indeed, a real Sasquatch.

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