Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Its Official, Oxford University's Bryan Sykes is asking for Bigfoot DNA Samples

Bryan Sykes from Oxford University wants your Bigfoot DNA samples 
The information below is from the Oxford University website. not only does it have an official timeline, including publication date but also how to submit your Bigfoot evidence to Bryan Sykes of Oxford University.

As part of a larger enquiry into the genetic relationship between our own species Homo sapiens and other hominids, we invite submissions of organic material from formally undescribed species, or “cryptids”, for the purpose of their species identification by genetic means.

The project is divided into three phases.

SAMPLE SUBMISSION PHASE        May – September 2012
DNA ANALYSIS PHASE            September – November 2012
PUBLICATION PHASE            November – December 2012

Sample submissions are invited from institutions and individuals. In the first instance, please send details of the material you would like to submit to one of the Principal Investigators. These should include:

·    Your name, institutional affiliation (if any), postal and email addresses and other contact details. 
·    A physical description of the specimen: (Hair, tooth etc). Photographs welcome.
·    Its provenance: A short account of the origin of the sample, when and where (with coordinates if known) it was collected and how it came to be in your possession.
·    Identification: Your opinion of its likely species identification, and your reasons.
·    Authority: A statement that you are entitled to send the specimen for analysis and that we have permission to publish the results.

In order to avoid misidentification of samples due to contamination, our preferred material is hair, although tissues will be considered.

After reviewing your submission, we will send you a sampling kit with instructions. Please do not send any materials without first hearing from us. They will not be analysed nor returned.

You may choose whether to be identified as the donor of the sample, or to remain anonymous.

At the end of the submission phase, the most promising samples will be selected for DNA analysis. You will not be charged for the analysis. Unselected samples will be returned. 

The process of DNA analysis is destructive. Any unused material from selected samples will be returned or, if you prefer, will be submitted for curation as part of the Bernard Heuvelmans Cryptozoology archive in Lausanne. 

Results from DNA analysis will be prepared for publication in a peer-reviewed science journal. No results will be released until any embargoes on publication have passed. 


Prof. Bryan Sykes                        
Professor of Human Genetics                    
Wolfson College                        
University of Oxford                        
Oxford OX2 6UD                        
United Kingdom                        
Dr. Michel Sartori
Musee de Zoologie
Palais de Rumine
Place de Riponne 6
CH-1014 Lausanne

When emailing please use OLCHP as the subject of your message

SRC: http://www.wolfson.ox.ac.uk/academic/GBFs-v/OLCHP


  1. Awesome. Finally some real science, sorry Melba.

  2. Yes, REAL SCIENCE !

  3. Nancy Cohen · PSU/University of Manchester

    We were in Woody Creek at Hunter Thompson's memorial when my friend was shaken to the bone core after having an experience in sighting what he thought was BigFoot. We travelled through the mountains the next day and did indeed find a cinnamon coat, lef ton the road side. We wanted to take it for laboratory testing, but were scared of the bugs.


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