Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bigfoots Are Big and Kidfoots Are Small

It's Kidfoot! "Bigfoots are tall and Kidfoots are small"
No introduction can do this video justice. We were burning way past the midnight oil on other projects and  stumbled upon this by accident. This was actually on the Woot.com page. Woot's main website generally offers only one discounted product each day, often a piece of computer hardware or an electronic gadget. They have the best copy writers in the world and very clever at promoting their gadgets. Inevitably they would make a faux kids show about Bigfoots Kidfoots.

Read the description of the new show that will be broadcast every Thursday on Kids.Woot
Everywhere we go, we hear people saying "I love the Woot podcast, but I wish I could watch it over at Kids.Woot instead. And that it had puppets. And that the puppets were sasquatch young." 
Well, we listened! 
KidFoot showcases the lighthearted adventures of Kiki and Wendel, soon to be your favorite juvenile bigfoots. Starting next week, you can see a new KidFoot episode every Thursday on Kids.Woot. That's twice the weekly Woot videos you currently enjoy -- at no additional cost to you! 


  1. Are you guys familiar with Wump Mucket Puppets? There is a puppet in that group that is a Sasquatch named Coleman. An homage to Loren Coleman, I think.

    1. Looked them up and saw Coleman the Sasquatch here. http://www.wumpmucketpuppets.com/meet-the-puppets/coleman-the-sasquatch/

  2. Hello, I am the puppeteer and creator of Coleman the Sasquatch. Thanks for your interest in him. He is a very popular member of my puppet troupe. I guess because he's little and a "little joker". The children love him. Here's a video with Coleman: http://youtu.be/qBI4qidw8WU

  3. ha! that's pretty cool. I like it.

  4. Hi! I make KidFoot for kids.woot (and Woot's other videos, too). A coworker just showed me this post. Thanks so much!

    I'm really glad you enjoyed the first episode, and hope they continue to provide some measure of entertainment.


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