Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tri-State Bigfoot Changes Leadership

Keating holds a plaster cast of a large footprint. 
“If I get a report (of Bigfoot activity) I will investigate it,” Keating said, but I will not devote as much time as I have in the past.”

At the they announce the Tri-State Bigfoot changing of the guard; from Don Keating to Marc A. DeWerth of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization. Don Keating was the organizer of the Ohio Bigfoot Conferences and in 2009 allowed an entertainer who claimed to be a TV producer and an expert on the New Zealand variety of Bigfoot to speak on those fake credentials. The fake presenter even claimed to own the world’s largest feces analyzing machine. You can read the details at our previous post Hart-less.

You can read the complete TimesReporter article below.

Search for Bigfoot gets a new leader

By Joe Mizer staff report
Posted Apr 25, 2012 @ 11:54 PM

After investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon for more than three decades, Newcomerstown native Don Keating is turning over leadership of the Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group to his hand-chosen successor.

While Keating is not totally withdrawing from the search for Bigfoot, he wants to devote more time to his interest in meteorology and weather, having founded “Ohio Weather” and in late 2010.

Keating, who left Newcomerstown in 2006 and now resides in Cambridge, intends to be a big part of Sunday’s “Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2012” in Cambridge.

He also plans to hold Bigfoot study group meetings in August, October and December.

“If I get a report (of Bigfoot activity) I will investigate it,” Keating said, but I will not devote as much time as I have in the past.”

The 49-year-old has found what he calls “interesting artifacts in the ground.” Although he knows some to be fake, others tracks appear to be real.

After more than 30 years of trying, Keating has never been able to obtain any body parts that scientifically can be proven as being from a Bigfoot, also known as a Sasquatch.

“We just don’t have the scientific evidence,” he said.

Keating began his interest in Bigfoot in 1980 by writing an article on the topic of an alleged sighting near Newcomerstown. He officially started investigating in July 1984, and he’s been holding conferences since March 1989.

Keating is turning over most of the group’s reins to Bigfoot researcher Marc A. DeWerth of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization.

DeWerth said Keating asked him last fall to be his successor, “which after some thinking and family discussion, I gladly accepted.”

He credits Keating with growing the “Annual Bigfoot Conference” into the largest event of its kind anywhere in the world.

The Ohio Bigfoot Organization, DeWerth said, is dedicated to continuing the conference every spring for years to come. Members are hoping to grow it to a three-day event,  Friday through Sunday.

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