Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Michigan Tracker Says, "No," to Finding Bigfoot

Jan. W. Morse with bear offers guide services in Northern Michigan
through his website
"I guess they were looking for a Dinty Moore type woodsman that could explain tracking techniques to the regulars of the show. " -- Jan W. Morse

Jan. W. Morse, a wilderness guide and taxidermist was born in Ogemaw County, Michigan, he is the descendant of a young French Canadian logger who came to Roscommon County in the late 1880’s to work in the legendary pineries of the Northern Lower Peninsula.

On the online forum, Mr. Morse mention he brief encounter with the producers of Finding Bigfoot. 

Last friday I got a call from one of the production assistants for the Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot". It seems they were in the market for a "tracker" in one segment of the show being filmed locally. Our regional DNR biologist had given them my name. I guess they were looking for a Dinty Moore type woodsman that could explain tracking techniques to the regulars of the show. Oh, and they would be mostly on horseback! I told the guy I was more along the lines of a homely fat guy that hadn't sit on a horse in maybe 40 years, not to mention the fact that I'm very camera shy. I declined the job.(payed $200.00 for the afternoon too!) I guess when my 15 minutes of fame come along, I don't want it to be because I was on some goofy show looking for a Squatch! I set them up with a friend of mine that does a little bear guiding. They interviewed him, but turned him down. I don't know who did the tracking for them. My bear guide friend, like me, looks as though he just stepped off the set of the movie "Deliverance" and would have been perfect for the part. The Animal Planet guy laughed when I told him that, then said if my friend looked like Ned Beatty(sp?) that it probably wouldn't work out. I explained to the guy that it was me, with my girth, that would resemble Ned, and that my buddy actually looked like the OTHER guys! Oh well, I guess fame will pass me by once again.

Cliff Barackman's Official Facebook page, North American Bigfoot mentions a master tracker, wonder which tracker they went with instead?

Screen Shot of Cliff's Official North American Bigfoot Facebook Page


  1. I guess I do not understand why you need a guide in a state where you are rarely more than five miles from a road.Perhaps it is because Michigan is so FLAT. In Oregon, if you are lost, just go down hill. That leads you to a creek and the creek will lead you to a road. Perhaps they should look for Bigfoot in Central Park or Manhattan Island. Or, like the alligators, in the NYC sewers.

  2. John I am sure the Cliff and the gang don’t need a tracker to get though the fields and woods of Michigan. But those Hollywood types could not find their way out of a super Wal-Mart much less any kinds of woods and swamps.

  3. Wow - a whole $200 to appear on a nationally broadcast show. The guy was smart to turn it down, sounds like cheap expoitation to me.

  4. Jan, they probably wanted you to team up with bobo for some riproaring comedy for what they call squatchy squatching.
    from Georgia


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