Tuesday, April 10, 2012

'Finding Bigfoot' goes to Mid-Michigan for Sasquatch Employing Horses and Helicopters

The Finding Bigfootteam hits mid Michigan
(left to right: Cliff Barackman, Renae Holland, James "Bobo" Fay, Matt Moneymaker)
"My day: Rode horses, got chased by a helicopter, learned from a master tracker, did a 'map scene,' talked to a camera..." -- Cliff Barackman

Mid-Michigans News Channel WNEM - TV5 has confirmed what Cliff Barackman's Official Facebook page has already told us. Michigan Episiode = Bigfooting on horseback. Too cool.

Screen Shot of Cliff's Official North American Bigfoot Facebook Page
Read the WNEM-TV5 article below.

‘Finding Bigfoot' series hits Mid-Michigan for Sasquatch
Posted: Apr 10, 2012 6:52 AM PDT
Updated: Apr 10, 2012 9:39 AM PDT
By Brandon Allendorfer, Internet Managing Editor - email
Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" investigators are in Mid-Michigan to investigate alleged Bigfoot sightings in Gladwin State Forest Area, and areas around Houghton Lake and West Branch.

The filming is part of Animal Plant's third season of the series.

Many remain skeptical that Sasquatch really exists, but regardless, the series remains one of Animal Planet's most popular shows.

"Finding Bigfoot" follows the adventures of four individuals who have devoted much of their lives in pursuit of conclusive evidence that Bigfoot exists.

Published reports say the cast members will ride horseback as they travel through the area to investigate claims of Bigfoot sightings. A camera mounted beneath the nose of a helicopter will also follow the crew on their Mid-Michigan excursions.

For the past two years, a Bigfoot festival has been held in Comins by the Michigan Magazine Museum.

The event, which features Bigfoot researchers, as well as activities like a Bigfoot look-a-like contest and a Bigfoot calling, is attended by both believers and non-believers of the hairy giant legend.

Organizers said the festival is being held in Comins because it's the "Bigfoot Capital" of Michigan, where there have been 35 document sightings.

"Finding Bigfoot" airs on Animal Planet on Sundays at 10 p.m.



  1. FINDING BIGFOOT: Animal Planet’s hit series FINDING BIGFOOT returns with all-new episodes, investigating compelling evidence that may prove the existence of the elusive creature. In addition to scouring the United States, the four eccentric but passionate members of the FINDING BIGFOOT team – Bobo, Cliff, Matt and Ranae – embark on their first-ever international expeditions, exploring the origins of sasquatch lore and searching for proof that bigfoots really do exist. By examining photos and videos of the creature, speaking to local witnesses, using new technology and luring the mysterious beast with the team’s signature sasquatch calls, the group uncovers startling evidence of the mysterious and highly intelligent enigma that has eluded capture for centuries and fascinated man for just as long. SEE:

  2. That was a nice write up John did you write that or did you get it off tvbythenumbers?

  3. Lee, cut and paste... cut and paste.

    Personally, after going to Michigan, I think they are catering to large population centers. In a state where you might get five miles from a road and the altitudes are from 577 to less than 2000 feet, you are more likely to find a homeless person that looks like "Bigfoot" than to even see a bear.

    I wonder where they will look for "Bigfoot" internationally. The sewers of Paris? The wilds of the North Country in the UK?

    It's like they are scared of the Skookum. They may as well go to Central Park in NYC given the population densities of where they are going.

  4. I would like to say to all the close minded people that THINK there is NOT a SASQUATCH Im truly sorry to burst your bubble but there in-fact is a sasquatch i am a firm believer in it I recently recieved a recording from my uncle that has Sasquatch on it............ It's easy to think that there is no such thing but when you live were I do, You have no choice but to know........... YES THERE IS SUCH A THING AS SASQUATCH!!!!!!!!!

    1. agreed to all anonymous, i you don't believe in the big fellow then then fine but when you got evidence from peaple and bfro,its kinda hard not to believe. i am 17 years and are a true believer, my pops said in '98 while clearing a field he saw what looked to be a tall black figure dart in the woods, even though it was a glimps he's never seen any thing else that tall and run on hind legs, he's true his word and a truthful hard worker,i don't think he would lie to me (I think =),

  5. I hung with the crew for a week in OKC.
    They didn't look for squat. I offered a lie detector test which they didn't do. They faked a camp. And bobo xan kiss my ass for demeaning my state. I was a fan. Now I'm not. They are fakes that are just shooting a show.

  6. I grew up with an intense fascination with Bigfoot, read everything that I could get my hands on. I still call myself a believer and finding bigfoot was my favorite show, never missed it. I am really growing tired and getting fairly bored with it, during the whole course of the show they have managed to find NOTHING, no evidence, nothing tangible. This show has lost its appeal and has turned into another lame, scripted, phoney reality show. Im done with it.


  8. Bigfoot lives - I think he's in the UP though, too many people downstate. He wants to be a Yooper! ;)


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