Saturday, April 7, 2012

Even Titanic's Centennial Celebration Can Not Escape Bigfoot

Jack Grimm never found the Titanic or Bigfoot 
An Abilene, Texas paper reminds everyone that at one point Jack Grimm claimed he had discovered the wreckage of the Titanic, he even had a blurry photo of the propeller. The Bigfoot connection does not stop at blurry photos. In fact, Jack Grimm had once picked Bigfoot discovery as one of his many eccentric pursuits.

We only get a teaser in the article:
"The eccentric Abilene oilman, who died of cancer at 72 in 1998, was known both for his wealth and his propensity to seek out the odd — bigfoot, Noah's Ark and the so-called Loch Ness monster were among his many quarries through the years." SRC: Abilene Reporter-News. 2012
When we think of rich oilmen funding Bigfoot Research we think of Tom Slick, not Jack Grimm, so we went looking for details. Back in 1977 Sports Illustrated described the man during a world poker tournament and had this teaser predicting Grimm's foray into Bigfooting.

."..Grimm has tried to find Noah's Ark and the Loch Ness Monster and will soon be in search of Big Foot..." SRC: SI Vault 1977
Still not a lot of detail, but at least we have a time line. Finally we found a copy of one of his obituaries which groups him with Tom Slick and a description of the Sasquatch expedition Grimm funded.

Grimm, who came to be known through media stories about his "quixotic quests", was with Tom Slick and F. Kirk Johnson, among the Texas millionaries who gave financial and other support to cryptozoology. Founder of Grimm Oil Company, the man known in his native Abilene as "Cadillac Jack" ... hired two photographers to slog through the western Canadian wilderness in a futile hunt for Sasquatch. SRC:

There you have it, Bigfoot is the new Kevin Bacon. Within 6 degrees of separation, any topic can be brought back to Bigfoot, including the Titanic's Centennial. 

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