Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sasquatch Use of Symbols- Do Bigfoot Create Glyphs to Communicate Information?

David Claerr's digital 3D illustration of
Sasquatch laying down a stick formation.
"Although it is not possible to say with complete certainty that these apparently symbolic arrangements were placed by a Sasquatch or Bigfoot, the accompanying collateral evidence can be considered a strong indication that this may be the case." -- David Claerr

David Claerr has written another piece at his Yahoo! Voices page. The subject is what is commonly called stick formations, but David also considers stones and skeletal remains. Below is a short excerpt:

In the course of investigating the wilderness-dwelling hominins in North America variously known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, and Skunk Ape, there have been increasing reports by numerous researchers of structures and arrangements made of tree branches, stones, and even skeletal remains that appear to be markers or symbols that may communicate a message or information.
Examples of some of these arrangements are those in the form of poles placed together in a tipi-like cone, a series of stones stacked in a column, saplings twisted; bent at right angles and pointing in a specific direction, or bones arranged in geometric patterns. In my own research I have seen such structures that are likely examples of all of the above, although many of them could be alternatively attributed to human activity. In several cases, such as four-to-five inch diameter samplings twisted and bent in an action requiring tremendous torque and force, a human agency performing this act in remote wilderness regions is very unlikely.
In a recent foray, (Feb. 2012), I found some small but very interesting and atypical structures that have some intriguing and puzzling features that I think may be significant, if corroborated by further examples found during future research.

You can read about the structures David found in greater detail at his article titled, "Sasquatch Use of Symbols- Do Bigfoot Create Glyphs to Communicate Information?"


  1. Possibly some human moron made the stick formations ... just sayin' ...

  2. There are so many claims stacked on top of each other without any proven basis in the original article and rival hypothesis that are possible that the original article is creating a myth about this creature and possibly misinformation detrimental to serious research.

    I have seen much of this in what is said about behaviors of this creature in popular TV shows. They state assumptions as facts based on their own world view rather than consistent documented evidence.

    Could humans have made these for some reason to point south to the Sun and remind them of their orientation? Yes. Some know they are going to be in the same area and are of the "leave no trace" type. SEE:

    Could these be made by chance and the observer(s) have selectively noticed them? Yes. Of all the ways that sticks could fall on the ground, what is the probability they would fall in this way? Who knows.

    There are oracle sticks that were used by the Kelts for this:

    There are Kau cim sticks used by both the Taoists and Buddhists of China.

    Just because a twig or a tree falls in a certain way does indicate our fortune or any intelligence rather than a random act of chaos.

  3. Kind of wish he was real, but with all of todays. Technology it could only be our imagination & hoaxes


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