Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kentucky Bigfoot Gains Notoriety and Media Attention

Kentucky Bigfoot is in the middle of a media blitz. It is well deserved, we know this because we have been fans for a long time (You can read our complete Kentucky Bigfoot coverage). Charlie Raymond and Parker Duvall do some of the most thorough research available. Don't take our word for it, check out Kentucky Bigfoot's Reports. Below is a video clip from Kentucky local TV Station WHAS11 followed by the written editorial from the WHAS11's website

by WHAS11
Posted on March 21, 2012 at 7:04 PM
Updated today at 7:21 PM
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)- Whether you call it a Yeti, Sasquatch or Bigfoot, it is Parker Duvall's mission to find one.
Duval is with the group They head up investigations around possible sightings, and say they have documented about 200 cases throughout the state, but they do it with a critical eye.
“When in doubt we throw it out. We've thrown out a lot of prints that we think are from this animal, but it's not definite enough for the general public to accept it,” Duvall said.
The group is getting international attention with features on BBC and the History Channel's "Only in America" with Larry the Cable Guy. The shows were filmed just off highway 44 near the Jefferson-Bullitt County line, the scene of a recent sighting by a mother and daughter.
“They was looking this direction and from this burm to these woods, a tall upright figure on two legs, with severe arm swing, turned and looked and went into these woods here,” Duvall said.
Duval was not always convinced Bigfoot existed but after three years of acquiring footprints, hair strands and seeing territorial markings he is now a believer.
Even more convincing was the first Bigfoot howl he heard.
“The fight or flight is instant. You jump out of your shoes and you just want to run. Unfortunately I did that. We don't do that anymore, but I did that night,” Duvall said.
Duval said they take the audio recordings to an expert who can validate sounds from all known animals in North America, but he said there is no match for the recordings they have made in the woods.
Whether you believe or not, Duvall says it is only a matter of time before the truth is out. Until then, he encourages people not to be afraid to share their stories.
“People say “why don't more people see them?” They are, they're just not reporting it because they're afraid of the ridicule, but you just have to let it roll of your back because I know what's real and what's not.”


  1. These people should either be in jail or in the nervous hospital!

    1. It must terrify you that they might be onto something. No law has been broken. As long as they are not a threat to themselves or others, there is no mental health problem. It is best not to jump to conclusions. There is nothing wrong with curiosity and being willing to investigate. Bigfoot investigating at worst results in some much needed exercise.

    2. Go back to your trailer.

    3. That was meant for idobelievetheresamoroninthesewoods

  2. Short minded nitwits who live in a box refuse to at least do some prior investigating before showing contempt. There is an over whelming amount of empirical, audio, and visual evidence to suggest there is a bi-pedal hominid living in the woods across numerous continents. Deal with it!


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