Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EXTINCT? Episode 2: Orang-Pendek vs. the Hobbit

Still frame from Extinct? Episode 2 - Indonesia
"...eyewitnesses have again described the Orang-Pendak as being completely covered in hair, with extensive musculature developments. Homo Floresiensis in comparison, is much weaker." -- Adam Davies

Those guys at TheBigfootReport.com have done it again. As you recall we announced the first episode of "Extinct?" back in late Feb, they have produced another video with the same charm and clear narrative as the first. (See New Independent Yeti Documentary Shows Promise )

Read an excerpt from the Video below:

EXTINCT? - Episode 2 - INDONESIA - The Search For Little Foot (2012)
Special thanks to Adam Davies
Written, directed, narrated by Ro Sahebi
In the jungles of Indonesia, discoveries are being made. Could this be the missing link we've been looking for? Homo Floresiensis and Orang-Pendek are all the rage in primatology and anthropology. We get a little help in the episode from the Orang-Pendek goto guy, Adam Davies (MonsterQuest, Is it Real?). 
The Bigfoot Report


  1. You know, I've often wondered about these two. What a closed off area for a primitive man to develop over thousands of years into a variation of that. I really do believe orang pendek is the most likely one we will capture first in the cryptid realm.

  2. Capture? We are more likely to shoot and mount them first.

  3. The entire thing about "Orang Pendek is going to be the first Cryptid to be discovered" comes straight from Sanderson's book in 1961. And do you know what? He did not consider it to be either an unknown animal nor an unknown species. He considered them to be Homo sapiens, a type of primitive human beings

    I've been harping on this for ages but I suppose I'll have to say it again here Orang Pendek is not an exclusive name for anything. A Short human being is an Orang Pendek and outsiders call these people that are making the Orang Pendek reports ALSO Orang Pendek

    As to the evidence for Orang Pendek, it is quite obvious witnesses are talking basically about two very different thiongs One is an ape and the other is human. One has an opposed big toe on its foot and the other one has a regular human foot without the opposed big toe

    So really the whole thing is all screwed up from the onset. People go around saying "Orangg Pendek is this and not that" which is already an absurd statement. Orang Pendek is NOT "Only this and not that" when there are different species which are simultaneously being CALLED Orang Pendek, including regular human beings

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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