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Anatomy of Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Picture by David Claerr

David Claerr Illustration of Sasquatch back anatomy
"The trapezius muscles are very robust in the Bigfoot or Sasquatch, accounting for much of their tremendous upper-body strength." --David Claerr

Whether it is stars aligning just right or coincidence, we can agree on serendipity. When Melissa Hovey's picture of the back of a Sasquatch came out, David Claerr was already working on an article about the anatomy of the upper torso of Sasquatch.

David has written multiple articles, each one with rich 3d illustrations. Yesterday he released one that is related to the Melissa Hovey photo that has made the internet rounds (see below).
The Melissa Hovey photo.
As you may know at Bigfoot Lunch Club posted a few opinions from Special FX experts. The first one was from Bill Munns, creator of the life-sized Giganto Pithicus, and the other opinion was from Lee Romaire, who created the Bigfoot costume for Letters from the Big Guy. Click the following links to read Bill Munns' opinion and Lee Romaire's opinion.

Now we have another professional opinion specifically targeting the perceived anatomy of the photo.  Read an excerpt from David Claerr's post titled, "Bigfoot Back: The Upper Torso of a Sasquatch - Posterior Anatomical Study" below.

David Claerr
The recent release of a photo purported to be that of the back and torso of a Bigfoot or Sasquatch has many intriguing elements that correlate to the findings of my current research and interpretation of the Sasquatch musculoskeletal system. Although there is a possibility that the photo is the product of an artfully crafted hoax, there are number of characteristics in the appearance of the figure that oddly and coincidentally resemble the latest series of anatomical illustrations I was working on when the photo was released.
A mature Sasquatch or Bigfoot has a skeletal structure that is similar in most respects to that of a human, differing mainly in the overall size and in the proportional relationships. The torso of a Bigfoot is typically much larger and massive than that of a human, with a barrel chest, and broad, high-set shoulders.
The main muscles in the upper back, the trapezius pair, attach to the spine, shoulder blades, and and to the base of the skull, as depicted in the accompanying illustrations. (The images can be selected by number and enlarged by clicking directly on the image.) The trapezius muscles are very robust in the Bigfoot or Sasquatch, accounting for much of their tremendous upper-body strength. Read the rest on David's Site


  1. I'm sorry but when we, as a science, begin talking about detailed anatomy of a species projected from a photograph of a Bigfoot suit used in the movie Clawed, I think we may have gone too far.

    One question: Unlike almost every trailcam and gamecam photograph you have ever seen, don't you think it is funny this "game cam Sasquatch" appears to have been taken in the middle of the forest?

    1. I agree with you regarding, what constitutes "gone too far," although you have your cause and effect wrong. David had already been working on the 3D illustrations before he saw the Melissa Hovey photo.

      I would be interested in what you think of his other non-Hovey Sasquatch anatomy posts

      If you read his other posts he clearly states, "...these 3D reconstructions are hypothetical until an actual type specimen is either verified from existing remains or from a newly discovered specimen."

      Thank you for the comment.

  2. He says nothing about whether the photo is valid or a hoax, which question is certainly settled in my mind. Totally bogus!

  3. Unless plenty of other pic are forthcoming, that take looks statistically unlikely & 50/50 staged at least.

    OK Southern Florida/Texas foliage, sparse non dense hair with no cold protective under hair/fur as such an animal hybrid would migrate to a warm above freezing climate regardless of origin. However the sagittal crest/pointy fatpad peaked head is minimal as in a female, & while the fat layer of a Canadian cold climate female Bigfoot is lacking (thereby helping to further define the musculature) the muscle/bone structure/small saggital crest more closely resembles a female sasquatch with lttle fat layer, than the typical more broadshouldered, neck humped, more massive muscled typical male (although a minority of males genus/species/hybrids Bigfoots are similar or slightly more slender.

    Hoax costume

    or less likely southern semi-tropical female with a near raped Homo Sapiens Grandma or Greatgrandma

    Less still likely a male

  4. +1 @ Loren Coleman

    I agree, this is starting to get ridiculous...
    omg.. a costume has trapezius muscles...
    no way? why on earth would that suddenly deem this as legit?
    laughable and EXTREMELY unscientific analysis..
    MH is a sucker and so is anyone else who is buying into this ..
    sorry..but like Freud said... sometimes a cigar is just a cigar..

  5. . I personally am not buying some if not most of background info that I've seen. Too convenient. And this is only one pic out of a group? I'm not saying this is the case here but as some I've met in last few years either has started out or became blinded by a financial factor that overrides good judgement and etc.
    And I agree strongly with the question Mr Coleman poses. Unless the full background is relieved,,,the odds are very poor for this being real.

  6. It appears obvious that the Hovey sasquatch intentionally planned to not only be photographed, but to have his back side photographed so that he would not be scaring any children or skeptics. In my opinion, the costume has not yet been made that can reveal authentic looking skin beneath thin hair. The length, curvature and sparcity of the hair, proves that it is hair and not either thread or fur attached to a costume. Fur is completely different from hair and is much thicker. Generally, both real and synthetic fur costumes fail to reflect natural tendancies for a symmetric hair lay pattern about the spine, as this real Sasquatch confidently demonstrates.


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