Tuesday, March 13, 2012

120-Plus Possible Sasquatch Tracks (London Tracks): Video of the First 48 Hours

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In Mid-February 120-plus tracks, possibly Bigfoot tracks, were discovered south of Eugene, Ore. These tracks have been coined, the London Tracks and were first discovered by Toby Johnson and his friend known as Tracker. You can read the brief timeline and the original report here or the extended one written by Toby himself. Toby Johnson was able to to compress the first 48 hours of the London Track discovery into 12 minutes. This is footage was taken Wednesday night FEB 15th & Thursday day FEB 16th.



  1. Oh crud, that would be my fault...guess I could have edited my sailor mouth.

  2. Everyone wants to be like that Matt "Moneymaker" kook!

  3. Why don't you go get yourself a good Sasquatch-sniffin' bloodhound and track that baby down?

  4. What about the tracks found in Elbe , WA a few days ago?

  5. Article available at


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