Sunday, February 26, 2012

More London Bigfoot Prints as Told by Cliff Barackman and Thom Powell

60+ casts made by Cliff Barackman from the London Footprint Sequence
 with the help of Chris Minniear and Toby Johnson
"I have been in ongoing and close contact with Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University about this track find.  He has agreed to assist me in writing up my report..." --Cliff Barackman

Nearly 30 cast made by Thom Powell from the London Footprint Sequence
with help from Toby Johnson, Beth Heikkinen and BigfootLunchClub editor, Guy Edwards
"Max was't looking for bigfoot, or even bigfoot evidence.  He was looking for an old car to buy.  He never found the car, but he did find some of the best bigfoot evidence ever dicovered. Talk about serendipity." --Thom Powell

Cliff has released some great photos from his research of the London Tracks. Cliff was one of the first guys on the scene. You can read our sequence of events at our post, "Over 120 Sequential Sasquatch Prints Found South of Eugene" If you want to see great photos and specifics from Cliff Barackman's perspective then you need to head over to Thom Powell, ever the author, writes one of the most gripping narratives of the events at his post titled, "The London Tracks: Where Serendipity Met Synchronicity"

Below is a slideshow compilation of most of the first photos in chronological order. The photographers are from Max Roy (first one to contact Toby about the Tracks) Toby Johnson (One of the first to discover the 120+ sequence), Cliff Barackman (The first to cast the majority of the sequence), and Thom Powell (The first person to say he got the second most casts of the sequence).

This slide show is best seen enlarged click on the enlarge icon here 


  1. I was afraid we'd we were going to have to wait until April to see some of these images. Thanks for sharing early.

  2. Very excited that there is going to be another season of Finding Bigfoot. I think that Animal Planet has found some great people to take on this very difficult task. This illusive cryptid will not be easy to track down. But I believe that if anyone has a chance to find some real evidence of the big fellow, it will be you folks. Good luck. I'll be watching.

  3. This is so exciting. I think that it will provide new information about behavior, anatomy, and who knows what else before all is said and done. Thank you for sharing the information with us.

    1. Yes! it has human anatomy all over it

  4. Easy to tell these are faked with a rigid prosthetic. Look at how deep the toe area impressions are compared to the rest of the imprint. Note how they all point downward also. (the toe area)


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