Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Melba Ketchum's Movie Copyright Application: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed

Melba Ketchum has filed a copyright for her movie and book titled "Bigfoot:The Tribe Revealed" 

Melba Ketchum is currently the highest profile person working to define Bigfoot DNA. Click the following link to read our  previous coverage of Melba Ketchum. She studied at Texas A&M University where she received her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. In 1985 she founded DNA Diagnostics, a self-described leader in all types of DNA testing including: human and animal forensics, human and animal paternity and parentage testing, disease diagnostics, trait tests, animal and human identity testing, species identification and sex determination.

In recent news Melba Ketchum, the current queen of Sasquatch DNA research, has announced that the presentation of her research has taken longer than expected and has "assembled a renowned team, each of us with our own specialties."

Looks like Melba has filed for a copyright for her book and potential movie. As you may know Melba Ketchum is spearheading Bigfoot DNA research. You can see the application yourself at this link or read everything in the application below.

Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed
Type of Work: Entry not found.
Type of Work Preregistered: Motion Picture
Literary Work in Book Form
Advertising or Marketing Photograph
Preregistration Number / Date: PRE000003852 / 2010-09-16
Application Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed
Title: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed
Copyright Claimant: Melba Stinnett Ketchum. Address: P O Box 455, Timpson, TX, 75975, United States.
Creation of Work Began: 2008-04-07 (Approximate)
Date of Anticipated Completion: 2011-06-22 (Approximate)
Projected Date of Publication: 2012-02-15 (Approximate)
Authorship on Application: Melba Stinnett Ketchum.
Description of Work: A film and/or documentary, narration or audio book, supporting photos and literary paper/document/book that will follow the The Sasquatch Project, the scientist and the scientific testing and proof for the existence of Sasquatch/ Bigfoot. Information will include discussion of results including A New Tribe of Living Humans, the complete Sasquatch mitochondrial genome sequence and nuclear DNA variations and text will show complete mitochondrial (mt) genome sequences were identified from DNA, analysis of the assembled sequence unequivocally establishes that the Sasquatch mtDNA falls inside the range of modern human mtDNAs and discussions of the origins thereof. The proof that the Sasquatch is not only the closest living human relative but is actually a contemporary living human. Also discussed is nuclear DNA testing performed on the same samples and the variations found in various genes including MC1R gene RUNX2 and FOXP2 as well as other targets genes involved in the perception of sound, transmission of nerve signals, the production of sperm and the lactase gene. Also discussed is how testing has ruled out ape cross and any ancient contributor and that Sasquatch is indeed a modern human with some genetic mutations accounting for their physical appearance. Also included are discussion of the history of samples and circumstances surrounding the acquisition, their testing, the circumstances surrounding the entire Sasquatch DNA Project. Documentary stars Melba Ketchum, et al
Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.
Names: Ketchum, Melba Stinnett


  1. Did you break this piece of news? I don't follow all the blogs, but I don't understand why it's not popping up everywhere... this is one of the most significant non-speculative posts stories I've seen on the subject so far.

  2. This story was shot down a week ago. The copyright application was filed two years ago and it was for a proposed project that never came to fruition.

  3. True, but the basic concept must be similar to what she is still planning to reveal...

  4. Well the projected publication date has come and gone and we don't have anything new yet...

  5. She has not set a publication date.

  6. I am an avid researcher trying to find evidence. My wife and I send our pics and stories to our friends in the mid-west due to the bull that we encounter from the west-coast and Oregon communities of researchers. We are legit and on our own dime. We don't plan on stopping research even if we go broke doing it. I have had two encounters and my wife was there during one. We will find them and have them put on an endangered list hopefully soon. No media involved please. Sincerely Bobby Long.

    1. Great news!! Your going to put something that no one has ever killed on the endangered species list! I think they have done a great job on their own, but as we all know, a government agency makes everything better!! I hope Sasquatch can read and follow this blog. If they can, fear not because Bobby Long is on the case!! Even though it will mean a governing agency hunting a dozen of your kind down, killing them, cutting them up, and then creating more legislation and laws that make it even harder for you guys to do what you've been %100 successful doing yourselves! But no, Ol' Bob is on the job!

    2. Am I the only one who finds it hard to take a guy seriously who still goes by "Bobby"?

    3. ...And it's hard to take one who posts as 'Anonymous' seriously. 'Bobby' beats it for credibility by a mile

  7. I'm a rare indigenous species, the Chav's in the UK have over run us and social engineering of consecutive Labour party ensures that they get the vote to stay in power. Please find a nice forest for me to escape!!!!

  8. Two posts up was funny.


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