Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bobcat Goldthwait Spends 3 Days Looking for Bigfoot

Bobcat Goldthwait Talks about Bigfoot and Religion
In a recent interview by Bobcat was driving through willow creek after spending three days looking for Bigfoot. below is an excerpt of the Bigfoot part of the interview.

During the interview, Goldthwait was driving through Eureka, Calif., on his way back from Willow Creek, which is "kind of the Roswell of the Bigfoot community. I'm coming back from looking for Bigfoot."
No success in the search but Goldthwait said, "I did meet some interesting people."
Today he described his life as "Pretty good.
"I really enjoy making movies (especially those he's not in). You are talking to a guy who just spent three days in the week looking for Bigfoot. I don't take my time on the planet for granted and go out of my way to look for the fun things to do."
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This is not the first time Bobcat has gone on record with his fascination with Bigfoot. While promoting his movie World's Greatest Dad, during an 2009 interview for, he waxes poetically about the philosophy of bigfoot.
Yeah! But that kind of (snaps fingers). I want to set it in the Bigfoot community, because as I was poking around there, the Bigfoot people all think they have the right version of Bigfoot. Some of them have seen it, others are ripping them off and they all fight. And I just thought it was a good way to examine faith without it being a parody of Christianity, because that has been done and is always very cartoony. So I thought about using Bigfoot as God, and I want to make it in a screwball kind of way. It’s just an idea.
Around the same time (2009) promoting the same movie, Bobcat is interviewed on a website called Groucho Reviews. Again he talks about the faith of Bigfoot.
"Oh, you know, I’ve always wanted to write a movie about Bigfoot," because I wanted to do a satire on faith, and I didn’t want to set it in the world of churches and stuff—just ‘cause the people who believe in Bigfoot all fight amongst each other really hard. So maybe someday I’ll make "His Girl Bigfoot."
It is clear that Bobcat Goldwait has had Bigfoot on the mind since at least 2009 and the intrigue still gets to him to this day. Bob, if your reading this, we think your a fantastic director/comedian and you should let us take you out to the woods. 


  1. I guess that here in Australia my very, very limited exposure to Mr. Bobcat only involves his appearances in the Police Academy movies, which was enough to put me off him forever, but it is always interesting to discover new things about people. Wasn't he also in a movie with Whoopi Goldberg (or is my mind wandering)?


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