Friday, February 3, 2012

Bigfoot Nest VS California Black Bear Den

 Ranger Robert Leiterman talks about a den
The BFROVideos uploaded one of their more interesting videos hosted by a Ranger. Read the description that was uploaded the video below:
While investigating their NorCal coastal redwoods research area, Bart Cutino and Ranger Robert Leiterman stumble upon a huge hollowed out redwood log. Inside they find what appears to be a nest constructed of sticks and other vegetative debris. Is this one time dilapidated wood rat structure a Bigfoot nest? We contend it's merely an impressive black bear den & we'll explain why.


  1. are u guys posting anything soon or what ? its been like a week since anything new has been posted on the site...theres always news about sasquatch keep it coming id hate to leave this site cause they stopped posting ...thanks

    1. Thank you for your comment. Many apologies, rumor is the editor was deathly ill and getting ready to be married this week (the two are not related, but bad timing, none the less). Thank you for your patience, now that we have our health and love, we will continue to post the posts you love.

  2. if they are nocturnal where are they? they should be sleeping in the day right? where are they?


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