Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bigfoot Bones: Sasquatch Skeleton Analyzed and Compared to Human

Illustration by Guy Edwards, back when Hominidae were Pongidae
The picture above was illustrated by myself, back when we were calling the great apes Pongidae.  Its an appropriate companion to the article below, written by Yahoo! Voices contributor David Claerr. Below is a short excerpt from David's great article, "Bigfoot Bones: Sasquatch Skeleton Analyzed and Compared to Human". IOnce you visit David's sit you can see three more 3d Illustrations. We would like to extend our thanks to David Claerr for permission to reprint his copyrighted material.
Bigfoot Bones: Sasquatch Skeleton Analyzed and Compared to Human
Sasquatch Skeletal Anatomy Related to Body Kinetics and Motion 
David Claerr, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Feb 16, 2012 
David Claerr
As this article is being written, there are some significant scientific efforts that are expected to be published in the near future, particularly in the field of DNA sequencing, that will provide exceptional evidence to help verify the existence of Sasquatch, or Bigfoot as a living species of hominid. Preliminary reports suggest that they may be more closely related to humans than any of the other "great apes" or higher primates, such as chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas or orangutans, perhaps even related to or within the direct lineage that resulted in modern humans.
Skeleton comparison of human and Sasquatch
The purpose of this essay is to lay a groundwork for analysis of the structural anatomy, based on current evidence both from still and video imagery as well as what may be the actual physical, skeletal remains that have been exhumed in a few rare instances. (The important images accompanying this article can be enlarged by selecting them by the numbers and then clicking directly on the image.) In the course of both my independent and collaborative research of the Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, I have had the very good fortune to have access to collected evidence that is not available to the general public, and that in some cases, is either copyright protected or, by request, kept confidential pending further verification. I have been able to perform analysis and biometric measurements of cast prints of hands and feet as well as photometric measurements of skeletal remains of images from still and video footage. In addition, in my travels, I have been able to view physical hominin skeletal remains of indeterminate origin that are in excess of 8 feet tall.
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  1. Interesting and very well illustrated. If sasquatch and humans can crossbreed, I would assume that it would need to be a female sasquatch and male human. I believe that the birthing would in all likelyhood kill a human female.

  2. so... no actual skeleton. of course.

  3. Although its speculative, I really like the skeleton! I like how bulky it is and the ape like features you gave it!


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