Monday, January 23, 2012

White Mountain Apache Nation: Bigfoot Sightings Have Increased

White Mountain Apache Police Officer Recalls an Encounter
Although these two videos have been around since 2007, they are new to us. These news segments are quick to acknowledge how unprecedented, and perhaps controversial, it is for Native Americans to share information about the Hairy Man AKA Sasquatch.

Already there have been a few episodes of Finding Bigfoot where they have had to ask the indigenous people for permission to film or interview regarding the subject of Sasquatch. Even more interesting, is what they are saying. According to multiple Native Americans, Sasquatch have become more visible in modern times. Oh and Tom Biscardi makes a guest appearance too, this is the pre-frozen-bigfoot-in-a-freezer Tom Biscardi.

PART 1: Bigfoot: Legend of the Apaches

PART 2: Hunting for the Apache Bigfoot


  1. When will "Finding Bigfoot" come and interview Biscardi, or look into his footage the way they did with Todd Standing? Actually, was Biscardi ever contacted to be part of the show when it was in development?

  2. Biscardi is a joke.

  3. Biscardi is no longer welcome on the Reservation. I confirmed this again personally Wednesday.

    I was up there investigating a report of a possible Bigfoot Skull. I was told by my contact that it was not a Bigfoot, but decided to go up and say hello to my friends and contacts in the tribe none the less.

    I had a great day. The skull in question was certainly a wild Pig of some kind. I was told the the actual skull was too big to be a Javelina, but it certainly had tusks.

    It was promised to me again that I would continue to be informed on any Bigfoot or Cryptid activity in the area directly by Game and Fish. Believe that I will release any and all reports from them as the investigation allow. Unlike other groups we will post updates to current investigation on occasion, but we do reserve the right to hold back certain info.

    We are planning future trips into the Reservation and surrounding area, as always.

    Best Wishes,
    Alex Hearn

  4. BTW: just back from spending a weekend on the reservation again. I was with employees of WMAT Game and Fish.

    Photos are on my FB page.

  5. wow.. biscardi is NOT welcome on the rez!!! that is just Sad.. smh

  6. Is this the same reservation where the incident documented in Bigfoot Lives took place? The documentation seemed to be very good on that one, with an official police report filed, a track cast and a hair sent for analysis.

  7. Spent another 3 days there in AUG. It's the same one that the video here is representing. So, if it is about THE APACHE NATION, then it is, but it would have been recorded in 2007 or earlier? TB has some footage there from other reservations in other states too ~ he preys on the Native Americans ~~ Allegedly????? Promises them Museums and $$$ That never happen...

    I was there with Tom in the spring of 2009, (First time in the field w/TB). He, JavaBob and Steve Dismore stayed in a hotel while myself and Rob Price stayed in the field with some of the Apache witnesses? Steve D wanted to come with us, but they needed him to be their "gofor"... You know like a King and his Prince???? Also S.O.P. For Tom...

    Tom took a photo from a friend (who came with me and left) and claimed it was from Game Cams that Rob and I set out?????????? Another words Claiming it as his own for a WM newspaper reporter? He turned and winked to Bob, Rob and I when he did it! (Steve at the H with a Broken leg by this time).

    After that I never trusted Tom again... I questioned Bob about this a couple of times but he claims to not remember (Selective Amnesia)........

    BTW the person posting these video's is a friend and Local news editor here in Phoenix. He has done a couple of stories on my stuff too. I never asked him but I'm sure he was probably called ahead by Tom to come film this in 2007. It's a PR move that Biscardi uses. This was probably also the case with his other Bigfoot/Biscardi videos, "the two about Roger Peterson". They are on the same YouTube page. That is Biscardi's normal M.O. It's also S.O.P. for any travelling showmen.

    When I go there, it's with the officer that was in charge at the time of the report urging. Some of the people in this video are still my current contacts at the reservation and with the tribe.

  8. I can find and catch big foot !


  10. I love how everyone thinks Indians are secretive about Bigfoot, or they are afraid to tell white eyes about their secret ways. Like they are right out of Dances with Wolves. Truth be told, the Indians up around the White Mountain area would sell their mother if the price was right. Have any of you actually been up there? Maybe five of them think that way, but they are all 100 years old and out the door. The kids there think they are Tupac or gangbangers and don't give a rats ass about anything sacred to their tribe. When I lived up there they were the town drunks and did nothing but cause trouble. The Navajo and Apache are just two of the tribes in Arizona that are used by the casino industry and left to die of diabetes. These people wouldn't know their tribes stories or any of that stuff. Their languages are now gone with this new generation. It's absolutely sad. But what is even sadder than that is you white people who think Indians are a magical people who are one with nature and all that BS. They will beat you at volleyball, though.

    1. Holy, HARSH judgement. :(

    2. correction: They will Beat you at basketball..and they may not know all the stories but they know enough stories of geronimo to brag about how theyre tribe is cool..geronimo had suppossedly 200 love children here on the rez or rape babies i should say..he would take young teens hostage and keep them around until they were pregnant and let them go..he was probably a heart breaker..because im sure since was a famous out law a girl would be impressed by his rep...but they still have tracking skills and will out do you at tracking elk for the antlers. and out drink you..

    3. no wonder youre anonymous hiding behind your computer step up and say to our faces,..hahaha your credibility is as sad as your racial judgement..

  11. I AM Tupac's reincarnate I live on the in Whiteriver..I'm from the REAL hood in east Long Beach CA but i fell in Love with an Apache girl when i was 18 and moved out here...The WMAT on the Fort Apache Indian Rezervation Gets no money what so ever from they're casino that suppossedly makes 125,000 a day..the official excuse is the money pays for the street lights on the reservation...thats BS..i was antler hunting a few days ago and saw a squatch and some foot prints but they are poor quality because of the rocks sand and pine needles..this was a mile behind my house over the mountains.. but there is something here..something just walked by outside in the mountains even as i type smells like a stink bug out side...we had to tie our dogs up because of bigfoot ripping the skin off of dogs in the hood n walking off with the skinned animal leaving the skin getting tired of my dogs deficating on my wooden porch im about to just let then test theyre of the porch and un hooked from theyre leashes...for all you skeptics he likes hay meadow a family of 40 or so live out that way..ask a game and fish where the "Hay Meadow" area and go theyre at night and scream and tap trees or start a bond fire they will answer and come in numbers to put out the fire ..i wouldnt stay out there in that area again for money...but they only time to go looking for tracks is in the morning during monsoon season..but you have to be quick to find rains at about 1 ritually and the big foot tracks wash away..they are still recognizable as an imprint of something large but not in pristine condition..ii wish my wife got money from her casino so i could afford the right equip to document this creature..her uncle said that he was on his horse checking on his cattle in bear canyon and saw a grey heaired bigfoot that walk hunchedback and with a limp like it was old..and something answered back with a scream when i was doing a war cry to make my presence know to what i thought to be the biggest damn black bear ive every i think its behind my house walking by in the woods 100 yards off..they like full moons...and corn feilds and apples or apple trees dogs and boiling soup on a fire..go camp in the mountains at night where i said in Hay are guranteed an experience..i all you who say, "does he really exist" or think he doesnt..even now the dogs started to bark at something in the woods..its common knowledge here that he IS REAL..when you find the skin of your dog in your yard near the tree line afew times and see over 100 beleive hes as real as walmart has cheap prices..and care the same..the only reason i havent made money off the prints is because..theres no work here and the casino doesnt pay money to my wife so i can go by quick roc at lowes in show low.they would sell theyre moms for 100 but they need her around to cook for them when they come home from binge drinking and are hungover from the cheap bartons vodka that her dvd collection supplied..thanks fam, 1

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    Racism runs the world. .not money....


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