Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Todd Standing's Complete Sylvanic Collection Available in Time for Finding Bigfoot Bump

Todd Standing never left
“When I first started, I was a skeptic, but not anymore — now I'm a wholehearted believer in the species,” -- Todd Standing

The Toddster (That's Todd Standing's YouTube username, not meant to be disparaging) just uploaded a new video.  Just in time for his U.S. National debut on Finding Bigfoot,  Todd standing is offering The Complete 2011 Sylvanic Collection

canadian bigfoot eh

The bigfoot research team travels to Canada to investigate a unique bigfoot encounter caught on tape. The team zeroes in on the Canadian Rockies is search of what may be the most territorial sasquatches on earth. 
Before you push play here are a few choice quotes: 

"Todd's experiences are the likes of an M.Night Shayamalan Hollywood Blockbuster" -- The National Post

"+A Stuff" -- Art Bell (we think he meant A+)

"Some of the best Bigfoot Evidence Ever Recorded." -- Todd Standing, himself 

If you want to truly understand Todd Standing, we have the absolute best coverage of Todd Standing


  1. The video has been removed by user :|

  2. I believe Todd. Years ago I had the honor to talk to The film makers of patty. The number one film of big foot the year was 1969 and the place of our visit was the salt palace in Saltlake City Utah.Todd i appreciate your work on facebook finding big foot. I do not know why resarchers get so cocky with their limited knowlege of this species. S much contempt for one another. Help Todd Standing do his work AND WE WILL ALL BE KNOWLEGEABLE about bigfoot.

  3. I think Mr.standing is a very brave man...he braved the wild in a way most will never know. What he has done for the Bigfoot community is staggering! And you bystanders laugh at him..accuse him of hoax?! I for one believe in the man...and one day you will too. I even plan on naming my first son Todd!!!

  4. que mamon I'm naming my son todd, pinchi mamon.

  5. Some Out ''Standing'' Footage Todd, Keep it up....


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