Monday, January 30, 2012

Squatch! Independent Bigfoot Horror Film out in 2012

A brief glimpse of the Bigfoot from Squatch!

YNN (Your News Now) recently did a report on an indie Bigfoot film shot in Manor, Texas. manor is a stand-in for a fictional town called Quality, Oregon.

Lone Star Scene: Bigfoot hunting indie film sprouts in Manor

By: Victor Diaz
The fictional town of Quality, Oregon might look familiar to residents of Manor, where City Hall sets the scene for a contentious town meeting. The conflict between Bigfoot research experts and concerned citizens plays out in a key scene for "Squatch!" It's debut feature film from Austin-based Look Now Productions.
Manor is also the old home town of director Carlos Samudio. He plans to shoot about 75 percent of the film in Texas with the rest on location at Timothy Lake in Oregon.
Principal photography continues trough the summer as the local cast and crew give their take on a long running supernatural debate.
YNN's Victor Diaz has more in the video below.
SRC:  Lone Star Scene: Bigfoot hunting indie film sprouts in Manor

Below is the sneak trailer for Squatch, produced by Look Now Productions


  1. I am an independent filmmaker in Eugene, Oregon. I am also working on a Bigfoot movie titled "SQUATCHED!" I have been messing with this idea that I have had fully realized in my head for 3 years. I have always had the title "SQUATCH" in mind. That is until yesterday when I decided to look around the internet for that name and found 2 other films in production this year with that title. My film is about an entomologist that goes into the woods looking for beetles. When he catches a glimpse of Bigfoot he becomes obsessed to find the elusive beast. He discovers bizarre secrets and strange characters on his quest for the truth. My film is a SciFi/Comedy so I think the title change to "SQUATCHED!" suits it well. I just find it amazing that there are 2 other films out there in production this year with the same title I had! One is the film you write about here and the other is in Woodinville, Wa at

    1. I guess I didn't actually mention that I am also in production, but not yet shooting.

  2. Man that looks terrible. The "Squatch" looks like a bad gorrilla costume, LOL

  3. On the other hand the other SQUATCH film @ looks much better! Now that looks like a Bigfoot movie I would see!

  4. The very very best this film can hope for is that someone finds its bad enough to be funny.
    That's it, it's best hope.
    Subject matter aside it is very possible to make a great movie on a low budget. This is not how.

  5. I love cheesy Bigfoot movies.


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