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Robert Lindsay Comments on the Bigfoot Ape vs. Human Argument.

Robert Lindsay of

Robert Lindsay has never hid from controversy. Since early May, with our post, "Humans shoot and kill Bigfoot on Average of Once Every Four Years," we have been quoting him. Long before it was fashionable by other blogs.

While there are some disagreements we have had with his opinions, for instance, we think he gives Biscardi too much credit, we do appreciate the "outsider" perspective Lindsay has on the community. Right or wrong, we always welcome a new perspective, even if it's one we can respectfully disagree with.

With all that said, we enjoy Robert Lindsay's comments on the community in general, not the individual personalities necessarily, but the trends he sees from a far. The excerpt below is from his latest post where he touches upon the ape vs. human argument.
The war between the Ape Theory Gang versus the Human Theory Collective.
There is a war in Bigfootery between the Bigfoots are Human folks and the Bigfoots are Apes theorists. The Ape Theory Gang is led by Field Marshall Meldrum and includes Bindernagel, Moneymaker, Bart Cutino, Mionczynski, Tim Fasano, Rick Noll and many others.
On the other side are the Bigfoots as Human Theory Collective. This line includes Bobbie Short, David Paulides, Richard Stubstad, and others, including us. The Human Theory folks have complained for years that they have been marginalized by the Ape Theory Gang. In fact, they say that Meldrum’s stranglehold over Bigfootery is the biggest thing that is holding the field back. I am inclined to agree. I am starting to think that Lord Meldrum is a problem – the despotic associate professor of Bigfootery.
This is excellent story, but unfortunately, we am not allowed to report on the juicier bits at this time. Hopefully we can dig up some more with time.
SRC: RobertLindsay: Bigfoot News January 29, 2012 

We hope Robert continues stories along this line, but that's because we have always been more interested in the healthy debates we can have. The personality conflicts are a no-win situation. Visit to get more DNA updates.


  1. It appears a little overboard to associate Jeff Meldrum with the Nazis by calling him a field marshall.

    Several of us oldtimers, like me and John Green, are in the ape camp, of course, but them I also think humans are apes too.


  2. Yeah, I don't think any body should be surprised that Robert Lindsay is a provocateur, and goes to the extreme to express his opinion.

    Loren, I think you make a great point that humans are apes too, but that also showcases the basis of the argument; the definition of apes.

    What are they saying when they argue that Bigfoot are more human than ape?

  3. if bigfoots were people dont you think itwould say something? people talk. apes dont. what about the video or pitures? its not a person it looks all hairy. give me a break.

  4. Admittedly, I don't give Lindsay much time of day, but I do think that was a very cohesive way of summing it all up. Meldrum, you would think, would find it more to his benefit (career-wise as an anthropologist) to find BF to be a form of man. He would be revolutionary in the field, but I think he went with the 1970s ape-attitude about the big man and started to specialize in primate prints. The people who said "ape" and it's later found genetically to be "man" are not going to hold any street cred any longer in the field. It will be a brand new field when that happens and new players.

  5. Great point Autumn. The question I have is: are the two camps arguing different points? The "Bigfoot is a human" camp need to articulate why they are trying to make that distinction? Why they is that distinction is important?

    It can be argued that even when the DNA supports Bigfoot is human (assuming the specimens are Bigfoot), that humans are still apes.

  6. All who are counting their chickens before they're hatched with unpublished, unverified DNA results, or, more correctly, before Sasquatch are declared full hominids and not pongids, should be careful, of course, about throwing rocks in glass houses or stones at Bigfooters' cabins.

    If anyone thinks "street cred" is something that serious hominologists are worried about must have forgotten that the phrase is defined, literally, as "imaginary points you get when you do something cool."

    1. i go by jabo on the hub page. i am learnin diabled but not stupid. loren colmane need to understand thse arent pignids or homonid they are bifgoot pure an simple. i went to slat fork 2 year ago an meet bob glimlin he siad bifgoot was real. dr. jeff meuldrum didnt speck to me/ i think he was busy. now robert lidsay is a blog. i read it this week he is mean an nesty to poeple for no reason. i respect loren clomane as very much cryaptmundo is the best blog on sasguatches. there a man name of thamos in yountown ohio who is haoxed saying bifgoot is all over the aera. matt monaymaker. ranea gliff and buboo do a good job on tv. matt think everythin is a bifgoot. thanks

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