Sunday, January 29, 2012

Larry the Cable Guy Filmed with Alleged Bigfoot in Background

Larry the Cable Guy host of "Only in America"

Larry the Cable Guy can't seem to escape Bigfoot. This year we have had some coverage Larry Bigfooting  in Kentucky. Add Alaska to the list of states Larry may have encountered Bigfoot.

Below is a video sent to us by YouTube user BigfootInvestigation. The description of the video by the user is:
I found a possible Bigfoot that was inadvertently filmed on a Larry the cable guy show while he was shooting a scene in Alaska. He was quartering a Moose with (Palmer Alaska) football team members. It was a long hike to get into the area and the creature appears to have similarities that we have seen in the Patterson Gimlin film subject.
Charlie Raymond of notes, "... the dead moose had been laying there in the woods for some time before they arrived. Was the bigfoot on his way to lunch?"

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.


  1. That is too cool, next thing you know he'll have it sayin "git er done."

  2. IT does look like an ape I wonder if anyone figured out what it was yet?

  3. it is shaped like some real strong bigfoot

  4. I hope it was real that would be neat.

  5. I can't wait until March 28 when they're on the History channel with Larry looking for Bigfoot.

    1. I agree. Once we see this episode we will get to see this from a whole 'nother perspective.

  6. Good ol' Larry the idiot is just what you hoaxers needed ... he sure will add a pile of credence to your adventures ... if there really are sasquatches out there, evidently they are attracted to morons!


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