Friday, January 27, 2012

Bigfoot Hunters Dallas and Wayne are back

A screen shot of the old Dallas & Wayne website

"Despite setbacks over the past year, Dallas and Wayne continue their research, and we've continued to film their adventures." -- Series Creator/Producer Andrew Dodson 

You can read about the previous adventures of Dallas and Wayne. They gained notoriety mostly from the award winning documentary, Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie. You may have even watched the movie with us, as we were at the Portland screening of the movie. The movie is decribed below:
Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton, two real-life Bigfoot researchers starring as themselves in a semi-fictional story providing a look into the trials and triumphs of life in the Apalacian foot hiils. Through these two amateur BF researchers from southern Ohio, we see how the power of a dream can define a friendship and provide hope and a meaning that transcends the harsh realities of life in a dying steel town.
After several failed attempts to attract national attention and convince the world Bigfoot exist, Dallas catches a lucky break. He pursuades a high-profile Bigfoot researcher [Tom Biscardi] to stop in Portsmouth and see check out the research accumulated by Dallas and Wayne. As the movie accelerates ever closer towards the realization of their mutual dream, we are reminded how fragile this shared hope truly is.
The movie turned into a TV series titled Dallas & Wayne: The Bigfoot Hunters. You can watch video of the season two premier episode below.


  1. Wow--I didn't catch where the show is shown. I am happy. I loved these guys in the documentary and I wondered what ever happened to them. They are so adorable. Glad to see they're still making loads of contact with BF (smile).

  2. Dallas & Wayne are broadcast locally, but you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

  3. My Name Is David B. Currently I Am 39 Years old . From 1973-1980 I lived in mentor headlands ( mentor marsh area) on forest drive behind the elementary late spring of 1980 during the end of the school year 2 friends of mine went down to the end of the road that led to trails going into the mentor marsh/swamp. I always remember dead dogs down there some in crates and some not and also 2 old punch bug beetles being submerged in the water and last time I checked in2004 April they were still there but in 1980 my 2 friends( brothers) and I went into the woods to play as 7 year old boys when we came upon a fork in the trail and about 70 feet in front of us we seen a big foot sitting on a manhole sewer grate this massive beast stood up with its long Manley reddish brown hair and I raised my hand to say hi and it took a few steps forward and we got scared and bolted out of the woods screaming this is the gods honest truth as a 39 year old man with a great memory it wasn't Halloween time or a dream this really happened any body need a real story please contact me @(814)439-0762 I now live in northwestern pa by Erie thanks David

  4. In 1989 I remember watching the tv show unsolved mysteries and the episode was about 2 brothers hunting with their kids in Colorado or somewhere and they thought it was a bear breaking in there cabin at night but it turned out to be a big foot and at the end of the episode they Sid where all the Bigfoot sightings were in the country and years sighted etc. and lo and behold they made mention of Bigfoot ugh things in northeastern Ohio in the late 70s and early 80s between Cleveland and mentor by the swamps so I know what I seen was true as a7 yer old boy back in 1980

  5. While I really like these guys (my type) and I did watch their movie, they like the "finding big foot team" are going about it all the wrong way. Do you think these "animals"/ are just plain dumb? Do you they yelling and wood knocking will attract them in? No! it repels them!

    The reason why 90% of big foot researchers never have much luck it because they still adopt and use these outdated methods. During their climb up that hill, do you think "if" any were around they would just stand there and watch these fat out of shape smelly humans come up to them? They must have sounded like a herd of Elephants coming!


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