Friday, December 9, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Top 10 Bigfoot Sightings

Animal Planet has a top 10 list of Bigfoot sightings from season 1. We have conveniently embedded them here on a single page.

NUMBER 01: Police Cruisers Dashboard Camera

NUMBER 02: Fresh Prints in the Marsh

NUMBER 03: Moneymaker chases a thermal image

NUMBER 04: Returned calls in Georgian forest

NUMBER 05: A 12 yr old recalls scary encounter

NUMBER 06: Greasy hand print on glass door

NUMBER 07: Pair of footprints found in GA

NUMBER 08: Swamp ape search by air

NUMBER 09: Molalla Forest elicits a ,"What's that?"

NUMBER 10: Matt and Bobo see a thermal anomaly


  1. #10 was a horse therefore should not be included, especially because AP lead viewers to believe it was a squatch.

  2. #7 Cliff did not find those tracks, a crew member off camera found them. Cliff acted like he found them and even went on to say (many times)it was the best track find of his career. Wish AP was honest and said a crew member found them (just don't mention his name, just say "a crew member found them"--didn't need to show his face on camera. Deception regarding bigfoot research only hurts "our reputation" as bigfoot researchers in the public eye. I hope the second season is based on facts.

    1. Who gives a shit who found it you pinhead. Of course they all want to lay claim like a newscaster who claims to have broke the story. Credible people make it credible not who was first

  3. #3 and #1 should swap. If season 2 was in cluded, the howl in Utah would be #2

  4. "Let's keep the language and material clean, keep in mind we have younger fans too."

  5. i found big foot


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