Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cliff Barackman found at Sasquatch Brewery

Looks like season 2 of Finding Bigfoot is a wrap and Cliff Barackman is enjoying the local fare back home in Portland, Oregon.

Where was Cliff found? According to a great local Portland Blog,, he was at the Sasquatch Brewery. You can read all the details at the

Don't forget to check out Cliff and the gang on the new season of Animal Planet. Read the The official announcement of Finding Bigfoot season 2.

Looks like Animal Planet is replaying Season one with pop-up commentaries here's a few screen shots below.

Cliff Barackman's Official Website
Cliff Barackman's Blog
Cliff Barackman's Facebook Page
Cliff Barackman's Prints/Cast Database

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  1. Cliff is Awesome he is the best one on the show ;)


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