Friday, December 9, 2011

1st Review of Finding Bigfoot Pop-ups

A screen shot example of the new pop-up version of Finding Bigfoot Season 1

"I watched this show with the intent on pointing out that this is not a very good hour of television and they will never find anything. I only needed the first 8 minutes. I feel you are being duped to basically watch some commercials." --JoeShow

Joseph Mastroianni, JoeShow, from a soon to be seen TV show titled Project Sasquatch is quite critical, we might even say harshly critical, of the new pop-up version of Finding Bigfoot. He even takes to name-calling. In fact, he is quite critical of most Bigfoot shows. He says, "I represent Project Sasquatch (fbook for info). Along with Dr. Meldrum, this investigation will revolutionize Bigfoot Research...So you have something to look forward to which will exceed all other Monsterquest type shows by far.

Below is his an excerpt from his review of the new pop-up version of Finding Bigfoot

This review is soley the opinion of the creator of Project Sasquatch: JoeShow, not Dr. Meldrum or CyberStationUSA.I watched this show with the intent on pointing out that this is not a very good hour of television and they will never find anything. I only needed the first 8 minutes. I feel you are being duped to basically watch some commercials. Below are the pop ups during the broadcast and quotes from the first 8 minutes only! on the show. I urge you to watch with this episode email at hand, I believe your "eyes" will open that this show is terrible and fraudulent...Keep in mind they never stay on the scene. Pop ups : Awful useless information and attempts at comedy. These 14 pop ups out of 23 (in order first 8 minutes) are useless and or very dumb.

@1 Moneygrubber: "Keep watching to see what we think of this episode"....more commercials Matt? What are we hanging in there for exactly?

@2 Ranae pop up "I was hoping to visit these Petroglyphs (in Georgia) But the schedule did not allow" . Thats funny because LATER in the episode they had time for kareoke and drinks (later pop up). Gotcha....What is more important here?

@3. Matt " what a surprise she thinks its a hoax" > Is this their attempt at comedy?

@4. Bobo (on guest in trooper car); "She was reluctant at first to come forward" . Did you threaten her BFRO?

@5 Ranae (on guest in trooper car) "Adorable grandson, quite the charmer" Um who cares? Another attempt at comedy? No material I assume.

@6 Moneygrubber : " Notice how deer can easily hop a fence" Thank you Matt useless info.

@7 Moneygrubber : (on ranae being crazy) "You might be crazy anyway" Really? Another attempt at comedy? Two thumbs up for making your colleague look like an idiot.

@8 Ranae: "we were very lucky to have guardrail and lane dividers for scale" As if trees and anything else in any video cannot be used.

@9 Moneygrubber: "Bobo likes to be the Bigfoot". Please stick to not finding anything instead of comedy from now on.

@10 Ranae:(on Bobo liking to be the Bigfoot) " And how have you been training your whole life for this role": Please NO MORE COMEDY.

@11 Moneygrubber: "Ranae's father was a stunt driver" Like 95% of this show, useless information.

@12 Cliff: " I had an opportunity to run in front of car...was frightening" Duh....

@13 Cliff: " A car looks like its going 155 mph" I cant take it anymore.

@14 Bobo: "When we were kids we streaked......" Useless information and comedy? Does Animal Planet watch this show? Really? Have I proven ths show sucks yet, it is only the first 8 minutes.

Quotes or lines said in the first 8 minutes of the show.

" I think there's a squatch in these woods" (moneygrubber) Then stop leaving the scene.

"As the team closes in on the truth" (announcer) They have have had many seasons now.

The critique continues on for a bit with a few more examples and then concludes.

This is not Sasquatch Investigation. Something much better is on the way 12/12/12 Real investigation, and we will (unlike achem FINDING? Bigfoot) do much better with the comedy..That is a guarantee.

The next season is already finished taping. In the Digital Revolution, information is instant, not in episode 8. I confidently predict that no Sasquatch will be found.


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  1. Wow. I think we get the story that Joseph Mastroianni aka Joe"SHOW" has been attacking other people and their endeavors his whole life - in my opinion it doesn't take a "big man" to take shots from the sidelines, that's the character of a "little man" - sad. Maybe Joseph Mastroianni Mr.Joe"Show" should just do his own reality bigfoot research show and attempt to do an excellent job, and quit worrying about any paranoia or perceived competition. Just do your thing man! I'm totally surprised Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum would associate himself with Joseph Mastroianni aligning himself with someone who spews this kind of unprofessional, passive-aggressive sarcasm. Joe"Show" should have just taken the high ground. Maybe Dr. Meldrum will have to apologize on his behalf or probably just disassociate himself from Joe"Show" to keep his own reputation in tact. I hope Joseph Mastroianni finds Bigfoot. I also hope Joseph Mastroianni JoeShow raises the bar, instead of lowers it like he just did in his pathetic rant

  2. Joe is an entertainment and marketing guy. These folks have their own approaches to getting people's attention. He and I don't always see eye to eye on tactics. I asked him not to post his impressions of Finding Bigfoot on the Project Sasquatch fb page -- and he didn't. But he did post it on his personal fb page. I would much rather take the high ground as anon put it. We all know the constraints and expectation of network productions. Even as we hammer out a concept for Project Sasquatch there are of necessity going to be compromises. But by doing our own show in a revolutionary venue, we might be able to bring some new and creative approaches to both elements of the project -- in depth investigation and reporting as well as fun and entertainment.

    Best wishes for the New Year to my colleagues at Finding Bigfoot!

  3. Thank you for the clarification Dr. Meldrum. While we were not familiar with Joe Show, we have always respected and appreciated your contribution to science and the Bigfoot community.

    Your book, "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science" helped me organize so many of the Sasquatch thoughts in my head.

    Thanks again for the comment!


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