Friday, November 18, 2011

The Most Refreshing Bigfoot Research

BLC Editor Guy Edwards (left) doing his best impression of Bigfoot bLog editor Steven Streufert (right) Photo: Tom Yamarone

"...I HAVE been thinking how nice it would be to get my nose out of the old Bluff Creek topo maps, and start thinking about and blogging on new topics. That IS coming up, so watch out. I am going to take on the entire world of Bigfooting, and some of it won't be too pretty."
-- Steven Streufert in reaction to his post

Everything that we felt had been missing in bigfoot research can be found today at Bigfoot's bLog. We recomend you go back to the previous sentence and click that link, read the post and come back here. Don't worry the link will open a new window and we will be here when you get back.

Why do we love the research by Robert Leiterman, Steven Streufert, Rowdy Kelly? because its thoroughly tangible, inclusive and open to review.

This is research you can almost touch and feel. All the different overlapping maps, photographs and illustrations make the data approachable from multiple angles. The physicality of the bluff creek area feels almost with in reach.

Anybody who's been in the community knows most of the research is exclusive. Information is not easily shared between camps, and more often than not, ideas compete against each other instead of shaping each other. This usually results in a slow roll out of any conclusion (like the recent DNA stuff) or ideological mudslinging from differing camps.

On Streufert's blog, in additional to his teams own fieldwork, he includes others who have researched Bluff Creek in great detail MK Davis and Bill Munns weaving a pretty good tapestry of what we can know about bluff creek.

Another obstruction in Bigfoot research is the ownership issue. Some are possessive over their research, Streufert and the rest throw it all out there. They don't hold on to bits and pieces and tease it out. They share enough information so we can explore the data ourselves. The maps and illustrations are extremely detailed.

For you long-time fans it wouldn't surprise you Bigfoot Lunch Club would have such high praise for this new Bluff Creek research. Inclusiveness is in our editorial DNA.

Bigfoot Lunch Club salutes Robert Leiterman, Steven Streufert, Rowdy Kelly. For giving us something we can dig our teeth into. This is how the community should be sharing research, this is how the community should be sharing each others data.

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