Saturday, October 29, 2011

Award-winning Bigfoot Movie "Paper Dolls" Premiers Online Tonight

"The Scariest Saquatch Movie that has ever been unleashed on the general public."-- Rotten Tomatoes

Looks like we need to add another movie to our Sasquatchploitation list. Sasquatchploitation? Yeah I said it. Sasquatchploitation is an reference to the portmanteau of blacksploitation. Blacksploitation is a film genre that emerged in the United States in the early 1970s when many exploitation films were made that targeted the urban black audience.

We don't judge here at Bigfoot Lunch club; whether Bigfoot is exploited as the monster-of-the-week or a cuddly wookie you would let your kid sleep with (but not your girlfriend). We are all for it. So without further ado check out the marketing piece BadFritter films wrote for us below and tune in to Papar Dolls tonite (Exact time unannounced)

For the first time ever, BadFritter Films is making their award-winning feature, Paper Dolls, available to the masses. A unique twist on the Sasquatch legend, Paper Dolls pits the common myth against a childhood friendship gone awry. The film took home Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director at the Eerie Horror Film Festival ’08, and Best Picture at Shockerfest International Film Festival ‘08, among others.

From IMDB (Internet Movie Database)
Paper Dolls is a smart and terrifying psychological thriller set near the beautiful landscape of Glacier National Park, Montana. Two high school friends, Travis and Nate, are on a road trip to Canada when they're attacked by mysterious and viscious creatures. Nate is stolen into the woods and Travis will stop at nothing to get him back. He recruits Nate's older brother, Chris, to bring an arsenal and wage war against the monsters in an effort to retrieve Nate. Paper Dolls dishes out scare after scare, twist after twist, completely redefining the legend of Sasquatch. This movie will ultimately leave audiences in a psychological limbo divided on their theories of what really happened in the dark forests of Montana. Production of the film was completed in spring 2008 and Paper Dolls is now available for distribution.

Until now, the film has remained as elusive as the legendary creature it uncovers. Catch the full-length film on October 29 streaming live at The event is the grand finale in our “5 Shatterdays of Shocktober.”

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