Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Producer Considers Sylvanic/Todd Standing Claims "Credible"

This is a surprise to us. Executive producer Keith Hoffman specifically addresses Todd Standing's Sylvanic Bigfoot photos and says, "Many claims sent in are rejected but not those of Sylvanic."

He continues to say, “We haven’t ruled out their claims..."

We have to take this with a grain of salt, because a TV network's producer is not going to reveal the entire conclusion of an episode in a newspaper article. After all the man is a genius as the overseer of Animal Planet's "Surprisingly Human" Brand, which brought us Finding Bigfoot.

Mr. Hoffman, if you would like to email us ( and expand your thoughts of the Sylvanic Bigfoot, we extend the invitation.

Read the full article below:

Banff-area Bigfoot reports ‘credible’: Animal Planet show
Published: September 15, 2011 5:54 a.m.
Last modified: September 15, 2011 8:58 a.m.

Reports of hairy encounters with Bigfoot-like creatures in the Banff area are on the rise.

Earlier this month, crews from Discovery’s Animal Planet show, Finding Bigfoot, visited the mountainous region after seeing photos and video from the Sylvanic group claiming a colony of unidentified primates lives near the border between Banff and Kootenay National Park.

The show features a group of four seasoned members from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Executive producer Keith Hoffman said many claims sent in are rejected but not those of Sylvanic, a group seeking definitive proof of the Bigfoot species.

“We haven’t ruled out their claims, if we didn’t think they were credible we wouldn’t have gone,” Hoffman said. “What we found was that numerous other people have had encounters ... they were called together in a town hall meeting.”

Sylvanic head Todd Standing said he expected the researchers would find people with sightings similar to his, noting he has come within about 65 metres of the creatures.

“Some of the sightings are four years old ... to go through them all would be a lifetime’s work,” he said.

Hoffman could not give a definitive answer on whether Bigfoots actually live near Banff, but encouraged people to follow along with the show and submit their own encounter claims.
Finding Bigfoot premieres Oct. 15.

SRC: Metro Calgary


  1. Any handsome man producing a show about BF has my rapt attention. I hope he takes up your offer.

  2. Mr. Hoffman is apparently not very familiar with the evolution of Standing's claims.

    Only the newest photo of Standing's is possibly legit, but it is my understanding that this came from someone else. Its unfortunate that someone who has made so many ridiculous claims over the years can be so promo savvy as to be able to take people in. He just plows forward, ignoring that he was caught making posts with different identities on various sites, while his IP Address gave him away. He was busted! So he just disappeared.

    So many people don't know about the details of his Sylvanic claims. They don't know that it was originally his little sister who was holding the camera in that streamside video, yet his story evolved to claim that they were days into the wilderness where that video was taken. At a hidden land where one should not blink or he will miss the "4' X 2' hole under a mountain chain" that entered this land where new species of plants live undiscovered.

    There is so much that people like Hoffman and even Erickson don't know about Standing's claims. I say this as someone who has encountered bigfoot. I don't like when people abuse this mystery with false claims.

  3. I'm going to add a few things if you don't mind. Standing has used all the classic methods over the years in his self promotion. One that carries much mileage with the unknowing, is when he uses the term "our team". What team? But if someone keeps saying that long enough, well there are bound to be some who believe it and before you know it, there are people who have joined in. If and when that happens, they should validate what others are actually part of it or they will end up the only valid one. That is what this newest photo appears to be. Standing's legitimacy shouldn't be legitimized by someone else's work.

    And if you go back into Standing's historic claims, you will find lines like 'Our woman of the group". That would be little Sis! There 'Team' was something quite different then what he led people to believe as time went on. I've archived quite a few of his old claims. Standing should realize that they won't be so easily swept under the rug.

    Something else to keep in mind, Finding Bigfoot is a TV Show! It is not what encountering bigfoot is all about. Period. The cameras do not attract bigfoot's curiosity. Their forays into the woods don't either. Finding Bigfoot is about publicity too, and that doesn't always mean the truth. Is Standing worth a colorful segment? I hope not but that is what they look at. But when seeking promo topics goes beyond legitimate claims, then that will likewise directly reflect on what is already a questionable legitimacy of the show. What they do isn't bigfoot research. While I'm sure shows like this try to do their best at being responsible in what they portray as legit, that unfortunately isn't always the case.

    They also need to understand that Standing's becoming lost is not validation of his prior claims. Anyone can become lost. And when he was on his solo trip, its funny that someone else was holding the camera. :) I suppose that all Standing needs to do is show one of these people his well documented 4' X 2' entrance under the mountain chain to Sylvanic to validate his claims. If as he has also previously claimed, the location has been compromised, there should be no reason not to with someone who will still agree to keep the location confidential. That will never happen will it! Of course Standing could allow someone like Ken Barr off his NDA to answer open questions about the legitimacy of Sylvanic claims. But of course they you'd need to know what to ask and that only comes from knowing how Standing's claims have evolved over time. Individuals like Hoffman, and as I previously mentioned Erickson, lack that long term insight.

    BLC, all the promo stuff being covered isn't what bigfoot is about either.

  4. T. Standing is just plain good! at the role of international hoaxer. that's his role of a liftime. and i wish he wasn't such a face for bigfoot. cause as we all know. this joker, gives us (non-lair's) a bad name!!!

  5. a matt moneymaker and todd standing team up the two biggest d-bags in sasquatch research history getting together, this episode has the potential to be the most laughable episode of anything on television this season. with my joking about them out of the way, i recently visted the sylvanic site after reading this news, and it is back up after being down for sometime for whatever reason obviously not shame because standing has no shame apparently. and i found that they are looking for a skeptic preferbly a cnn or bbc reporter they say to go with them on an expedition to allegedly take them directly to the sasquatch. it is followed by a disclaimer about it being extremely dangerous and you could very well be facing certain death, which is a little off puting if you ask me and if i were to undertake that invitation i think i would have to be heavily armed not for fear of the wilderness as the site claims, but for fear of standing and that he may come back from the expedition and i may be reported lost but he amazingly obtains some footage with my camera he found while trying to "find me"(that's where my imagination goes with it anyways). also, the site says they are putting up two million dollars in research funding for anyone who can come to them with proof of a body so they can break the news first. strange that standing can put up that kind of money, because if he can put that up than he can definitely fund very well done hoaxes. too bad he just did not stay away. although i'm thinking about doing some free lance journalism, for whatever magazine will take the story and be his skeptic, (because according to the web site they are willing to provide everything from room and board all the way down to wardrobe), and blow the standing saga out of bigfoot research for good, (heavily armed of course).


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