Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Needs Your Help in Rhode Island

Tomorrow night (September 19th at 6:30 pm) There will be a town hall-style meeting with the cast an crew of Finding Bigfoot. The meeting will be located at the East Greenwhich Town Hall. 125 Main Street East Greenwich, RI 02818

On the BFRO website they make the request:

People outside Rhode Island can assist us over the next 24 hours with emails and phone calls to radio stations in Rhode Island (see instructions below). Messages should be sent to the DJ's asking them to mention a bigfoot meeting in East Greenwhich on Monday night. (Click for radio station contact info.)

The BFRO is holding a free open town hall meeting for people to share their Rhode Island bigfoot information (sometimes called "Big Rhody"). We'd really like to speak with eye-witnesses who have not contacted us before. Anyone with reliable second-hand information is welcome also.

After spending a few days and nights in RI, we're guessing that there are many more witnesses in RI than we previously knew about. It's a surprisingly squatchy place. Virtually all of the human attention is directed at the spectacular bays and inlets. Consequently the vast inland swamps and forests are relieved from a lot of human reactional traffic.

You can see the map and directions below.

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Rhode Island, historically was not considered one of the squatchiest spots. Recently BFRO claims credible report from the area. Mostly in the the NW and the SW portions in the state. As there have been correlations made between high precipitation and sasquatch sightings, the precipitation map of Rhode Island below shows the SW area as promising.

BFRO is also requesting everybody to contact your local media in Rhode Island.

Here is a list of radio stations in Rhode Island, including links to the web pages for those stations (click here). Please go to those web sites and look for the "Contact Us" pages within those sites to find phone numbers and email addresses.

The primary radio people to alert are the jocks for the two major radio stations with drive-time morning shows: 94 HJY (email: and the folks at 92 Pro FM (see contact list).

If the radio hosts would like to speak with someone about the meeting, they can contact us at the following phone number: 949-278-6403.

Go to the BFRO Rhode Island News page for more details.

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