Friday, September 23, 2011

Canadian Sasquatch is on the Money

First issue in the 3-coin series. A terrific collectible for kids of all ages!

The Royal Canadian Mint Describes the first of three cryptid coins as:

Children of all ages will be captivated by this large coloured coin and its mysterious theme. It’s presented in a full-colour folder that tells the fascinating story of Sasquatch and includes a pull-out map showing where it was last seen—let the intrigue begin!

Coin design:
A surprising aerial perspective of Sasquatch walking among snow covered trees, leaving behind a trail of large footprints in the snow.

Tracking a mysterious creature from Canada’s North.
Is Sasquatch myth or missing link? First Nations legends abound with haunting tales of a giant, human-like creature lurking in the mountain forests of Canada’s Yukon, British Columbia and northern Ontario.

They are not alone. In Asia, people claim to have seen Yeti, and in the western United States, witnesses describe a very similar Bigfoot—a very fast, very hairy and strong “ape-man” walking on two feet, “As big as a bear standing on its hind legs,” they say. Sasquatch is reputed to stand about 3 m (10 ft) tall and weigh 227 kg (500 lb)—and looking at the huge footprints it leaves behind, believers say the truth can’t be far off. What do you think?

You can read more anbout this coin and the other cryptids at Mysterious Universe


  1. Is this legal currency or a silver proof set for collectors? I guess the silver alone makes it worth $25 bullion. Therefore, it will not show up in the U.S. as a coin that a vending machine will not take. Canada has more design and color then our money. I think its pretty cool.

  2. i think the bigfoot could of looked tougher/meaner. other than that it's bad-ass!


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