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Sleeping Bigfoot from Erickson Project

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A good friend of Bigfoot Lunch Club, Robert Lindsay, was quick to point out the sleeping Bigfoot from the Erickson Project had similarities to the sleeping Almasty illustration.

As usual, Robert Lindsay does a thorough investigation the photo and the story behind the photo:

We can verify that this photo is of a young female Bigfoot sleeping in the forest in Crittenden, Kentucky in 2005. The video was apparently shot by owners of the property in that year, not by the Erickson Project. Therefore, there is a question of whether or not the residents of the house were hoaxing the videos.

Apparently they were not, because when the EP moved Dr. Leila Hadj Chikh, PhD in Evolutionary Biology, and Dennis Pfohl into the site after purchasing it, both of them continued to see the Bigfoots on many occasions. Pfohl also apparently shot quite a bit of video of the Bigfoots at the site. Dr. John Bindernagel, PhD in Wildlife Biology, also saw the Bigfoots there on one occasion. Since the EP saw the Bigfoots at the site also, it is highly dubious that the owners of the site hoaxed the video.

It is simply not possible that the Hadj-Chikh, Pfohl and Bindernagel hoaxed their sightings and video. Not possible, no way. They’re not hoaxers. It’s also not possible that Drs. Hadj-Chikh and Bindernagel misidentified a known animal as a Bigfoot. These are PhD biologists here. This is reminiscent of the scene in the USSR where Russian PhD biologists saw Almastys and Yetis on a number of occasions in the 20th Century.
Src: Robert Lindsay

We recomend you read the rest of Mr. Lindsay's post where you will get quotes like:

"(David Paulides)is a former cop who was forced to retire for beating up a suspect, among other things."

"David Paulides and Matt Moneymaker of BFRO hate each other’s guts."

"Ketchum’s business not as successful as people think"

"Erickson and Ketchum continuing to feud."

Yes these are sensational quotes, taken out of context. Robert Lindsay doesn't care who (or if) he offends. This is quite apparent if you ever read his non-bigfoot related stuff. Although we don't agree with everything Mr. Lindsay says, we think he's quite refreshing. Please visit Robert Lindsay to get the entire details, including the list of the Erickson habituation sites.

You can read our previous coverage of Robert Lindsay


  1. I think my biggest problem with these kinds of things is that we often seen the video, but not the context. Without seeing the filming up to and after it, this could be a set up shot. And, logic tells me, who sneaks up on a BF and films him that closely and doesn't awaken him and isn't absolutely scared of their gourd? I find it hard to believe such a smart creature who knows how to hide would just lay there in the open and take a snooze. I don't know. It just doesn't add up and my bullshit meter is pegged.

    1. Agreed..all these damn clips and stuff are never full videos where its shown from the second they started recording till the very last second when they stop recording...and agreed again that someone would not be able to sneak up a creature that is always said to be an extremely elusive, cunning and smart enough to stay out of obvious human contact

  2. My biggest problem is the still unreleased BIG VIDEO. This has been going on since 2008 and before ...

  3. It is most certainly "possible" that the person who took the supposed photo, which appears to be a digital composite, faked it.

    Besides the fact that the photo appears to be a composite, why would the most elusive being on earth lay still while you snapped a close-up shot? Does not compute..once again, "they" decide to play a game of show and tell...they show us everything, but tell us nothing.

  4. It's a puppy...

    This much clearer photo just blows the whole trust in the "Erickson Project" out of the water as it clearly shows a small puppy...

    "We can verify that this photo is of a young female Bigfoot sleeping in the forest in Crittenden, Kentucky in 2005."

    Comments like this just makes you look silly. Verify, my hairy ass...

  5. I've met Dennis and I have seen some of his videos. I believe his character.

  6. I have to say this is one case in which common sense flies out the window. You have video of Bigfoot, in fact he's showing up all the time. And you take video (but hey not go back and get hair samples, maybe Bigfoot drooled a bit in his sleep also?) if these people are PhD biologists, maybe they should act like biologists and take scat, hair, and other samples for DNA analysis and heck FILM A LOT MORE, and take a LOT MORE PHOTOGRAPHS, and maybe even call the police to come see "the sleeping Bigfoot". "I"ll just film this and tell people later" is kind of, well WHO DOES THAT?

    1. thry did get samples and they were watching this group
      for a while and were getting use to the people,
      there is also more video,pictures,etc...
      I know someone that i trust, saw more of the footage
      and knows more about the whole thing and they said it's real. Ericson is looking to cash in on this,
      there is rumors that a major network bought the footage, It sucks it's just going nowhere and just makes look like BS.

  7. The owners, an elderly couple, did not film the video. Erickson's cameraman in a ghillie suit filmed Matilda.

  8. Great article. All the pieces are falling into place and this is the year of the Sasquatch. I can hardly wait 'til the trolls disassemble.

  9. texas bigfoothunterMar 3, 2013, 1:25:00 PM

    @ Bigtruth you must be a retarded dumbass like the rest of the EP believers, this was shot in 2005 and 8 years later its released somewhat to the public yeah if this doesnt scream hoax then i dont know... the EP is a fake bullshit project anyways anyone who takes that long to release something is obviously full of shit...

    1. Ummm, saying retarded is no longer acceptable behavior. Have you been hiding under a rock? Why do you choose to attack people that you don't know? It makes you look like a little bit of an idiot. Your name says you hunt Bigfoot. You must have gotten a little sand in your vagina on your last expedition, and you're probably totally bummed that you haven't been able to bring anything to the conversation besides your childish name calling and ignorant stance. Good job showing the kids who see the thread how NOT to act. You would think that a bigfoot hunter would have a more open mind, guess you're nothing but a Troll. Guess what, huff and puff and get pissed off all you want. I won't be giving you the satisfaction of continuing this conversation. Troll.

  10. Robert Lindsay has got to be the worst Bigfoot reporter out there he is more wrong then he is every right. And this is nothing but a still from the 16 sec video that was relist and just like Autumnforest said there is not before shot or after shot so what does this leaves us with. A tell of how some people got hoaxed and defrauded land deal that had nothing special about it. Sorry guys this was nothing but an 8 year hoax and nothing more.


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