Monday, August 15, 2011

Bigfoot Board Games

Taking a stroll in the neighborhood I noticed a Board Game Store here in Portland. The place was called Off The Charts Games and it didn't take long for me realize board games have evolved beyond Monopoly and Scrabble.

There were advanced strategy board games, commonly referred to as European Board Games, based on building worlds, villages, train routes, and even pizzas. The owners Ron and Lynn were quick to explain every game they had in stock. I had only only question, "Do you have a game based on Bigfoot?" (It's amazing how everything seems to be related to bigfoot).

They were quick to point out an out-of-print game that was originally printed in Germany called Yeti.

The american version was published under the title Big Foot, yes there is a space between big and foot.


I was a little disappointed that after this huge boom in European Board Games, no one had decided to do another Bigfoot game. Ah but there was! Enter, Yetisburg.

Somehow they forgot to tell you in History class that during the Civil War each army had their own uniformed Yeti army recruited from Canada.

Many of these strategy board games are based on role-playing real events. We would love to see one based on doing Sasquatch Field research that also works as a training kit for all who endeavor the search for the Squatch.

Thanks to Ron and Lynn of Off The Charts Games for the informative visit. If you are in the Portland area and want to find board games or even European board games give Ron and Lynn a visit.


  1. I loved that bigfoot game as a kid.

    1. Do you remember what the object of the game was? Was it to find Bigfoot or something of that nature?

  2. This is awesome. Where can I buy one of these?

  3. @Backgammon, if you would like you can contact Off The Charts Games and they can get you Yetisburg. Call 503.912.1220. The other game is out of print.

  4. The picture on the Big Foot box is amazing. It's like, "yes children, Bigfoot is friendly."


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