Monday, July 4, 2011

Todd Standing Offers $2 Million for Bigfoot Body Parts

All good things must come to an end. This is why Todd Standing never ends. We have to credit to Craig Woolheater of Cryptomundo for giving us the heads up. We would be committing Bigfoot Lunch Club malpractice if we didn't give our own take.

Let's talk about the Money
Below is the explanation of the rules for the reward.
This reward is offered specifically under the 2 parameters listed below.

1st the body or significant piece of the body must have expired due to Natural causes. A detailed accounting of the discovery will be documented and investigate by a wildlife officer and forensic expert provided by the sylvanic team.

2nd The discovery must remain entirely confidential. No media or public discloser in any way. Our species protection and legislation is at a point where as soon as we can a provide a body full species protection will be implemented and enforced. It is our intention to have wildlife officers across North America identify and protect known bigfoot habitats before the media and public is aware of the situation.

Once these two obligations have been confirmed the 2 million dollar reward will be issued. The party responsible for the discovery will receive full credit for their discovery the moment this information goes public.

Let's talk about the Funny
We have two take-aways for Todd's Proposal. First, Todd has the best chance on collecting on his own reward. If there is anybody who knows how to triangulate and come face to face with Bigfoot, it would be Todd Standing. If there is anybody who knows where a group of Bigfoot live and continually has the ability to make contact with Bigfoot, it would be Todd Standing. If there is anybody who has the best odds of proving Bigfoot, based on their own statements, it would be Todd Standing. So why would someone who has all the assets, (by Todd's accounts) to be the first to prove Bigfoot offer $2 Million? Because nothing says your more serious about real evidence like lots of money.

This brings us to our second take-away. We are not lawyers and will not offer legal advice. We can, however, share some fundamentals of the legalistic formalities of how cash rewards work. Rewards fall under Contract Law. $2 million is serious money and at Sylvanic they are not taking this very seriously, they should have a page of legal-ese somewhere on the site that makes the claim of the reward. I know this because I have built many websites for many retailers that offer rewards far less than $2M. Those websites require lots of legal-ese defining the terms of the contract.

So in one fell swoop Todd has tried to convince us he's really serious by offering $2 million and then telling us he is not really serious by offering $2 million dollars.

If you do, by chance, decide to take Todd Standing up on his offer, get a contract lawyer first before you even email or talk to Todd.

By the way we have had the best coverage of Todd Standing, please read are entire coverage of Todd Standing

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  1. Todd Standing doesn't HAVE $2M lmao Let me guess...just like he has a university degree...or is a 'researcher'? hahahahahaha Definitely check his background and credentials before you try to collect that one....


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