Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tim Fasano, the "Fifth Beatle" of Finding Bigfoot.

Shortly after The Beatles sensational rise to global fame in 1963–1964 as the most famous quartet in pop culture, many individuals claimed they were almost members of the Beatles. The claims were so abundant that the press coined the term "Fifth Beatle".

As you know, currently the Fab Four of Bigfooting in pop culture are pictured above (left to right: Ranae Holland, James "Bobo" Fay, Matt Moneymaker, and Cliff Barackman.)

With the Animal Planet's 1.3 million viewership success of Finding Bigfoot there were bound to be Fifth Beatles claiming to be overlooked during the process of creating the show. This brings us to Tim Fasano.

Tim Fasano, A Tampa Bay taxi driver, claims he was approached by Animal Planet last November and decided he had too much integrity. He begins by claiming after several emails and phone calls, "It became obvious to me that were looking for sensationalism. And that they wanted someone to almost phony it up."

He continues with what broke deal for him, "They wanted me to guarantee they were going to find evidence if they came here. The truth of the matter is, unless I was a hoaxer, as many of you think I am, I can't guarantee you'll find anything"

As you will notice in his video he did not have enough integrity to stay far away from Tom Biscardi. Biscardi is either a serial hoaxer or a guy who has had the misfortune of being hoaxed several times.

We will let you decide for yourself if Tim Fasano truly had the right stuff to educate and entertain the masses. Would 1.3 million viewers tune it to see Tim?


  1. Seriously? That wasn't a comedy act? I can't stop laughing. Sorry, laptop is bouncing as I chuckle. Okay, okay, got my breath. I'll try not to look at him again or I'll laugh all over again. So, those ethics and integrity that have him pulling his cab over and ignoring calls and realizing he needs to go back out and appear to be working again? Or, perhaps those ethics that have him association with Biscardi? Har har. Thank you Animal Planet for at least seeing through that BS.

  2. AutumnForest, we love your comments! We had to re-watch him "ignoring calls and realizing he needs to go back to out" to work to milk some more chuckles out of the video.

    Fans, if you want more AutumnForest (who doesn't) Check out

  3. That is one hell of a Tazi Cab Confession! Really, I thought this fella missed his calling as an extra on The Soprano's.

    "Hey say we gotta good shot at mak'n it big on da Critter Planet show....but I told em to forget about it....see I gots myself too much integrity"

  4. That guy's got the goods! Oh and by the goods, I mean a bag of turds.

  5. Go look at his youtube channel. Lots of "leaf squatches". Plus a claim of irrefutable proof the skunkape exists.

  6. Unfortunately Guy, all of this has little to do with understanding bigfoot. Its been going on since day one. The central focus has become a series of tv shows and of showing off skills. I don't mean Fasano, I mean ALL of it! The research techniques, the symposiums, each seem more interested in generating or rewarding publicity or attention. Its all a show too, people and companies competing for ratings. Researchers putting themselves in the limelight. Who can come across best on camera? Who has the latest book that regurgitates other people's encounters? The focus of bigfoot research is becoming one of hero worship too it seems. Never mind that most of these people have never actually seen or interacted with a sasquatch up close.

    What do they truly know from chasing other's encounters? Bigfoot is hairy. Bigfoot is big. They take measurements, adding in their own interpretation about dermal ridges that are really caused by suction from when the foot compresses and decompresses the impression. But what do they truly know about these creatures? The camera teams and researcher will continually find the tracks, but they will never be there for when one comes in and confronts you. Why? Because these sasquatch are more intelligent then they can comprehend and they are treating them like some elusive ape and looking for a hopeful chance encounter.

    Its not just this show however, its the whole damned field. The answers don't come with Thermal Vision, not with Trail Cams, not with coordinated wood knocks or whoops between teams, not with who can land a tv gig. Its sad to see this become the gauge for who knows more about them. The so called 'field' has become very misguided if you ask me.

    What is sad is that with these uneducated ventures comes further exploitation. More people who will want to hunt them. More groups chasing them because they are depicted as some giant elusive ape. Gigantopithicus. lol These sasquatch are a people, but its the researchers who have never had an actual encounter and who don't know this. The ones who strive to be stars on television never have taken the time to REALLY try and understand these beings. No, they are not people like us but that doesn't make them any less deserving of basic respect. Instead the chase has become a money making or publicity venture to many. It is an interesting commentary when so many people who have never even seen one, end up making this mystery their whole life. It becomes an obsession for those who will likely never see one in their life either. And so they end up joining the masses who go out and wood knock, whoop, and chase shadows in the dark & follow other people's reports.

    As for the show, I get a feeling that the lead character will be replaced by a new up and comer in the field. lol That should be interesting if it happens because someone won't be very happy. But even then, these shows or what they depict is NOT what these sasquatch are about. I hope some people figure that out before they get too far along. Sadly Guy, all this chasing the publicity hounds is the wrong path. Bigfoot will also stay away from the cameras, especially a team of network cameras tripping over one another. Sasquatch NEVER come in to that size of crowd anyhow.

    David Rodriguez

  7. I use to watch some of his videos but after the second time he started attacking other researchers for no reason but jealousy i quit watching his videos..He then thinks about what he has done and sends an apology stating he is very sorry and he will leave it up for all to see, well within two days he deletes the apologies.. Now isnt that really someone that is ethical and has integrity...LOL He is a big joke to say the least..

  8. He is nothing more than a big DRAMA QUEEN...Him and his best friend Biscardi..LOL

  9. I imagine the animal planet watched a few of his videos..Him wheezing, hacking flem, and thrashing about..They realized bigfoot wouldn't come within a mile of this jackass.


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