Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finding Bigfoot NC After the Show Debrief

Well fans, we promised you live-blogging from the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium (OSS) and we failed. OSS 2011 was in such a remote location we did not have internet signal. Many multiple apologies.

We will make it up to you in two ways. Yes, two ways, because we don't skimp when we want your forgiveness.

1. We will warm up our time machine, and post the events through out the week. Starting with each of the guest speakers presentations.

2. We have the link to Cliff's interview debrief from last week's North Carolina episode of Finding Bigfoot

Enjoy and stay tuned this week for highlights from the OSS 2011.

To all those out there that I was able see at this years symposium, thank you for the encouraging words and overall warmth and friendship.

1 comment:

  1. It was great seeing you again at the OSS! Looking forward to reading your posts on the weekends festivities. You were so intent on taking notes, I know you'll have some interesting things to write here.


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