Friday, June 10, 2011

Experts Say Thermal Image Video Likely Shows a Bigfoot

This Sunday, Animal Planet will reveal a thermal image video from North Carolina that experts are saying likely shows a Bigfoot. Cliff Barackman, Bigfoot Field Researcher on Animal Planet's hit new show, Finding Bigfoot, will provide commentary on this episode after its showing.

We of course referring to Mike Greene's Thermal Video

Cliff has a great Mike Green post at his North American Bigfoot Blog

This episode will get worldwide attention, if you want to get details regarding the video contact Cliff Barackman on his media contact page.


  1. My personal belief in this one is that it's a human. Someone in the woods, whether it's part of their group or someone else who had something to gain perhaps or just stumbled into the view. It would take a helluva lot for me to believe Georgia has a BF, but that he's tiptoeing around with that crew of people there when he manages to hide from one single person looking for him in the woods. I just think it doesn't add up to BF.

  2. There's a cold spot around the eyes. That is typical of someone wearing glasses - been there, seen that with a FLIR. Sorry, another hyped BFRO deal. Is the expert independent? I doubt it.

  3. A mysterious creature believed to be living in the woods of northern New Mexico has caught the attention of a team of biologists and researchers who believe they've discovered likely evidence of a genuine Bigfoot. Fluke TI32


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