Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cliff's Video Debrief after Each Episode of Finding Bigfoot

There is a place where you can find out was was left out of each episode of Finding Bigfoot. It's Cliff Barackman's official website.

After each episode of Finding Bigfoot Cliff Barackman does an excellent job with a commentary report and last week he provided a video interview debrief for the Florida Swamp Ape Episode.

The best place to navigate through each episode's commentary is Cliff's Finding Bigfoot Episode Guide

You can catch up and jump directly to the commentaries at the links below.
Georgia Episode (aired 5/30)
Episode Commentary/ Field Notes

Florida Episode (aired 6/5)
Episode Commentary/ Field Notes
Episode Debrief/ Interview


  1. Cliff has now joined the list of people that claim this and that without one once of proof. Moneymaker and crowd have lost my respect making this animal planet fiction show. I believe this creature exist but not behind every house. I've seen a lot of things in the woods that could have been Bigfoot related but to say It was Bigfoot would be off the cuff.

  2. I love that he does this! It's kind of insurance once the show chops an investigation and restitches it together as some kind of monster version. Good for him!


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