Sunday, June 26, 2011

2nd Season Announced for Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot

It's official there will be a second season of Finding Bigfoot. Locations include New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Northern California, Ohio, Oregon, New York, and Louisiana.

The crowd here is going wild with the news of a second season including ten states altogether.

Don't forget to check your local listings for tonight's episode of Finding Bigfoot.


  1. More faked edited evidence......can't wait. Moneymaker what a hack. Ratings are in a free fall and every website you go to has almost nothing positive to say about the show. I watched 2 episodes and had all of Moneymaker I could stomach. Wild claims about knowing 100% that a noise is a bigfoot when there is no proven bigfoot sounds to compare it to. He isn't even an animal expert he is a lawyer. Sorry guys this show is a did.

  2. Moneymaker is hilarious. I get a lot of inspiration for my jokebooks from him. See for examples and blog
    or for a book of humour based on what is known and a few what if jokes thrown in.

  3. Hope in runs into one this next season....

  4. Got to run into one sooner or later.

  5. Matt Moneymaker, You are a total BUFFOON,and completely rob the show of any credibility.

  6. Can't wait for them to come to Colorado. Colorado is squatchy as hell, and I'm surprised they didn't come here in season 1.


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