Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Special Preview Episode of Finding Bigfoot May 30th

Looks like Animal Planet and the rest of the folks at the Discovery Networks are serious about their new series Finding Bigfoot.

If you have been following our Finding Bigfoot Posts, you know the series is about The four-person team goes to locations of alleged Sasquatch sightings to investigate with reconstructions and the latest technology to determine whether they were real or not. The team is made up of a former roadie, the BFRO president, a skeptical scientist, and a science teacher.

The Team (left to right): James "Bobo" Fay (the Roadie), Matt Moneymaker (BFRO President), Ranae Holland (skeptical scientist), Cliff Barackman (a Science Teacher).

The official series begins on June 5th, but they are providing a special preview a week early and they are running it right after River Monsters, Animal Planets biggest ratings hit.

This bodes well for Finding Bigfoot and shows a vote of confidence that Animal Planet thinks they have a hit!

Theres a YouTube video out that has the 30-second spot for the Special Preview Episode below.

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  1. I think your getting out of hand, like butchy the kid and beef-jerky videos. Stick with the hard facts, bigfoot isn't a cartoon character, with all the technology and skeptic scienctes with all the best laser lights, remaking of sight and still can't find them. As a Native American leave them alone, when it's time they will come to us. Good Luck with your bigfoot hunting your going to need.


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