Monday, May 16, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Promo Teaser on Animal Planet

Oooweee! The twitterverse has been lit up with reports of a new commercial for a TV show titled Finding Bigfoot.

For those of you who do not know, Finding Bigfoot is an effort to end the 100-year old search for the mythical creature, Animal Planet is joining forces with Bigfoot researchers on a new series Finding Bigfoot. You can catch up with our Finding Bigfoot coverage.

Starting as early as last Sunday, we saw tweets about the new promo. With diligence we set our channel to Animal Planet and waited---and waited.

This task was not so tough, because we come from the age before iPods and MP3's. Back in the day (1983), if you wanted to get a recording of your favorite musical single, you waited until the weekend and listened to Casey Kasem countdown the top 100 hits until the "Ewok Celebration" song (AKA "yub nub" #60 on the top 100 chart). If you could have the presence of mind to stop doing the "Chief Chirpa" and hit record, you would have the soundtrack for your entire third grade year.

This task was no different, if we waited long enough we knew we get some great stills from the promo. Check 'em out below. Not much is revealed in the 30-second spot, lots reactions to noises heard in the dark. But you definitely get the sense they traveled through multiple terrains in search of Bigfoot.


  1. Does anyone know the name of the man who big foot captured?

  2. Your probably thinking of Albert Osterman. Bigfoot Encounters has a great page on him.

  3. This is the absolutely dumbest most ridiculous piece of sh&t shwo ive ever seen! Are you kidding me? Animal planet must be hurting big time for shows to air on tv big time. Has anyone ever found a big foot or seen one and known it was one for 100% sure? Ill answer that.... NOOOOO. If there was one someone wouldve have found a body by now or killed one for the hell of it. They dont die and instantly shoot up in the sky and disapear. I like how smart these people think they are and try to make ppl believe that what they are sayin is real and factual like their trivia question. How tall is an average adult big foot? Are you shitting me?!?!?!? hahahaha like they have taken notes and recorded data on this, no instead they base this off of feet prints and stride length they find of prints that could easily be made by me and my friends over a couple of hours by making some cut out or molded foot print or even by my roommates ability to make realistic costume parts for characters like chewbaca outta star wars. He is an animation and screen writing major in holly wood so trust me he can do it. And then we get to the part where the guy tells us that he "is deliberately asking false questions" to the guy who is describing his sighting. The average viewer will think, "wow this guy knows his shit, and he is catching this guy in a total lie about his sighting." What the normal intelligent viewer sees is that this man their interigating is a damn actor. Hell if they knocked on my door right now and said we'll give you $1,000 to give us a bull shit story on how big foot threw a boulder through your window and tried to eat your dog then id take the money and put on a hell of a act to for the show. Funny part is when the genius tells us the facial characteristics of the common big foot like it has narrow eye sockets and a dog like nose covering for skin. O really? whats your proof? And can you guess what it is??? ....... a hand drawn picture!!! YAYAYYYYY cause we all know what a big foot looks like right? haha its not like he read this out of a book he goes off of his kids paintings.

  4. This show is such a joke. I can't believe I've actually watched the first two episodes. I could film this show in my back frickin yard. "What was that?" "Did you hear that?" "I see something!" ......In Both episodes they seem to track down a large animal/Sasquatch with there hand held devices. Do they go and investigate it....try to track it down...set up cameras? Nooooope! They just assume it was a sasquatch/bigfoot and move on there next case/sighting. STUPID!!!!! Give me some actual proof...a photo..a video...something! I wasted enough time with this stupid if you'll excuse me I'm heading out to my backyard to make howling noises.

  5. All the people in the world, and Bigfoot runs aloof? give me a break! we found Bin Laden, I think we could find this creature if it truly existed.

    But who am I compared to all the EXPERTS!


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