Monday, May 30, 2011

Cliff Barackman Finding Bigfoot: Georgia Episode

As you know tonight at 11:00pm e/p will be the sneak preview of Animal Planets Finding Bigfoot

This is a friendly reminder that after the show you can tune it to see what Cliff Barackman has to say about each Finding Bigfoot episode on his site

The animal Planet Episode Guide describes tonight's episode as:
Famed Bigfoot investigator Matt Moneymaker and his team of Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) experts travel to the forests of northern Georgia to examine footage of what could be a Bigfoot running across the road.

Below are three video clips from the the Finding Bigfoot Georgia Episode that can also be found on the Cliff Barackman website.


  1. Yahoo! I'm off work tomorrow which makes it even more fun because I can watch it late when it comes on instead of recording and watching later.

  2. "Finding Bigfoot" = amateur hour.

    Poorly dressed-over-weight-unshaven amateurs find footprints. Sad.

  3. If I were a bigfoot researcher/tracker person, I would prolly make sure I had a trained scent dog. Forget thermal imaging and night vision. I would have a dog with me at ALL times in case I came upon a "bigfoot" footprint. Surely it's feet leave behind some kind of scent. I'm jus' sayin'.....

  4. Already controversy - Moneymaker claims that the shows producers edit footage to embellish evidence.

  5. I don’t doubt that large bipedal hairy mammals exist. That being said, such a creature is not going to be caught by a bunch of people running around in the woods hooting, shouting, screaming, crashing through the underbrush, whacking tree trunks, and causing a huge non-natural commotion IS NOT THE WAY to catch or photograph a Bigfoot. The recurring reliance on circular logic to justify these actions just makes the whole project ludicrous.

    Mr. Moneymaker, get some real hunters with proven skills as deer stalkers. Equip them with silent cameras, that work in total darkness or in the light of day, and have them locate the animals. All a bunch of city slickers in the woods will do is scare the wildlife into hiding or fleeing. A good eastern woodland deer stalker/bow hunter with a camera is your best hope of photo-documenting any of these critters. Some trained scout dogs such as the military uses to alert troops to the presence of the enemy could be used by the hunters to enhance their search without giving the searcher's presence away.

    Then you will get results. Nincompoops in the woods ain’t gonna cut it!


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