Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Official Title of New Animal Planet Series

The official title of Animal Planet's newest Sasquatch series has been announced: Finding Bigfoot.

Here are some of the descriptions around the net.

C21 Media (
"Finding Bigfoot, a new entry that follows the efforts of a small but eccentric team of researchers on the hunt for the elusive creature."

RealScreen (
"Finding Bigfoot looks at four eccentric but passionate members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization as they hunt for the Sasquatch."

xfinity tv (
"“Finding Bigfoot”: This show follows a group of intrepid Sasquatch trackers in the Pacific Northwest who have made it their mission to find this elusive creature. Hey, this sounds like kind of a stretch for Animal Planet because no one knows if (a) Bigfoot is human, (b) Bigfoot is an animal or (c) if it even exists (which is doubtful). Next thing you know, Animal Planet will make a show about mermaids."

You may remember our full coverage the Animal Planet series as it began filming in North Carolina.

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  1. Oh my golly gosh! I've been waiting for some channel to get smart. The reason Ghost Hunters worked so well was people had never run around in old scary places in the dark looking for ghosts. Most folks are scared of what's in the woods too, but a team of hunters looking for clues, camping out, feeling stalked, hearing things--these will keep people riveted. I know I've waited forever for a bigfoot-hunter type show to come on. Yahoo!

  2. not expecting much from it...BF will see this coming miles away

  3. It would make sense to put trail cameras where they supect bigfoot activity and leave them up for a few months. Why don't they do that?


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