Saturday, March 26, 2011

Todd Standing's Sylvanic Bigfoot Erased

First we like to thank fan, Tom Larson, for bringing this to our attention. Todd Standing has been erased from the internet. At least he has been erased from three major places.
1.) been down for weeks
2.) Sylvanic You Tube videos have been switched to private
3.) There is no trace of him at the Erickson Project's website

We tried to contact Todd's listed email as the administrative contact of for some answers and as of this morning we have still not heard back.

What we do know is the erasing of Sylvanic and Todd Standing has not been an accident, meaning the domain has not expired. does not expire until November 9th of this year. The site is down because Todd Standing wanted it down. The You Tube videos are unavailable because Todd made them to be unavailable.

Is Todd Standing and Sylvanic gone for good? This would be good news, as you know we have been awfully critical of the Sylvanic Bigfoot. We became increasingly concerned when we saw Todd Standing was somehow participating with the highly-regarded Erickson Project.

Photo "proof" of the Sylvanic Bigfoot provided by Todd Standing

The fact that any trace of Todd Standing has been removed from the Erickson Project bodes well for the credibility of the project. The fact that any trace of Todd and has been removed from the internet bodes well for the rest of us who take Bigfoot research seriously.

There is another explanation, may be going through a transformation and relaunch. This has happened before, when Todd has rebranded the Sylvanic website.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we provide you with screen shots and text of the Sylvanic Website on its first days back in April 6th 2005. As well as a journal he kept during the first few years of his project.

Until then, please view below the YouTube videos, Todd doesn't want you to see.

Stay tuned tomorrow where we share content from the's first year, circa 2005. This includes an online journal where Todd shoots back at his critics.

All things Sylvanic at BLC

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  2. I hope he is gone for good

  3. Todd Standing joining up with Robert W Morgan and M.K.Davis over at Artistfirst Bigfoot Central Radio Show.

  4. what the! i dont see anything condeming in any of these videos. i've been following this for years, as most of you all have, and i've never found this to be such a hoax. where is your evidence on hoaxing?

  5. It is clearly due to the fact his facial shots were shown to be hoaxed and he couldn't face the shame and I all ways knew he was too good to be true.

  6. No, the Sylvanic site isn't down "because Todd wanted it down". He was bought out, plain and simple.


    for an account of what probably happened; not mere speculation and personal vendetta's as is so prevalent in this forum.

    1. SO, if you are challenged for failing to produce data from DNA, somehow it is a "vendetta?" Perhaps I just do not understand, but that sounds like paranoia. The "Erickson Project" has had since February of 2011 to produce a paper including samples from the alleged October 2010 kills. Your pattern is following the pattern in the Freezer Boy Dyer case as Guy Edwards has outlined:
      5 stages of a BIG Bigfoot announcement (rarely do they bare fruit)
      1. The Announcement
      2. Defensiveness/ attack the critics
      3. Postpone Evidence
      4. Postpone Evidence Again
      5. Claim you were the victim of a hoax.

      There is no personal vendetta here. There is just a failure to produce and your program just hit stage 4. Do not blame others for speculation when you engage in subterfuge and clutch your claim of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

      Your "agreement" must not exist because it would have already been broken many times. All these things do is prove you are using this for the promotion of books, videos, and speaking engagements.

      At this point, this is just another Bigfoot Soap Opera [BSO], to coin a term. One of the supporters has claimed Ketchum has pushed back the release date of the paper another 26 weeks - to October 18th, by my calculations.

      As far as I am concerned, the drama has worn itself out and the Erickson Project has zero credibility. This is just yet another step in the process. Up next? "We were hoaxed" power whine.

  7. We should clarify, when we state, "The site is down because Todd Standing wanted it down." It is in the context of one of the previous sentences, "What we do know is the erasing of Sylvanic and Todd Standing has not been an accident, meaning the domain has not expired."

    We were trying to indicate that the site was not down due to technical reasons. Most likely Todd Standing, as site admin, proactively took down his site himself, regardless of his reasoning.

  8. Earlier this year someone claiming to be Todd joined our forum and said that he did not sell his videos and findings to Adrian Erickson?

    Richard Stubstad has an NDA with Erickson, so anything he says, has already been OK'd by Erickson, and is basically propaganda. As long as you remember that with Richard and read between the lines you should be safe!

    1. Why don't you go out with him and see for yourself? When I asked him about it that's what he offered me?

      I can't really argue with those words, they are my own. I have used the same statement many times!

  9. Do you think maybe the face photos were purposefully faked to keep non believers,nonbelievers? To protect his research and the creatures themselves,so he can prove in his own words "unequivocally" that they exist? Maybe he wants to "sidetrack" the media long enough to bring forth the proof...I have enjoyed the live action video and it looks pretty convincing.

  10. I think he got some real footage, claimed he could get the closeups, couldn't and faked the money shot.

  11. fake! that about sums it up.

  12. There's something about his passion and his sincerity when I first watched the videos. I've always been able to get at least an "odd" feeling when I watch and listen to someone who' lying. It's a gift that too many times has proven itself to be true...He' got something and I sense he's waiting or has gone to Washington to prepare the scientific community and the public that we have a prehistoric hominoid on our hands..

  13. Look at the date of the blog post. It was over a year ago when his site went down. Since then he has gone through the transformation we predicted. Like a chameleon he has changed the focus of his site based on the different background pressures he has had to respond too.

  14. Anyone to claim that they are the premier BF researcher is going to have credibility problems because it is self-promoting and reveals in part the true motive.

    1. I have no problems with self promotion or earning a buck. What I have a problem with is someone selling snake oil that prevents further research in a critical area. I consider DNA testing to be critical. If I want a story about the one that got away, I'll go down to a local bar and buy a hunter/fisherman a beer.

      Even the best story teller likes to have some facts. When they say a bipedal animal is over nine feet, and some claims are up to 20 feet, then we have entered the twilight zone.

      I am not a fisherman, but I have seen a fish large enough to have its tail drag out of the open tailgate. However, if someone tried to they had a 20 foot salmon, they would have been bounced until they sobered up.

    2. John, you need to read the book called "Missing 411" by David Paulides, which by the way was written by an investigative cop after a retired forest ranger came to him while he was on a missing child case in Yosemite National Park or better yet, on You Tube there is a 3 part video titled: Is Sasquatch Eating our Kids by evulekin. Another enlightening video on You Tube is 40 minutes long, titled: Alaska,Colorado Sasquatch sighting report by SnowWalkerPrime, in fact all of you non-believers need to watch these. Educate yourselves before you speak about things you don't know about. Keep an open mind.

  15. The Men In Black finally got poor Todd!

  16. the ewoks finally got him, i can hear them singing now" bab ba ba dada baba" with todd on a sick above the fire.

    a ghostly image of tom biscardi with a bathrobe on watching from a nearby tree....

  17. All of you non-believers need to read the book called "Missing 411" by David Paulides, a true investigative book written by an investigative cop after a retired forest ranger came and reported to him some interesting information concerning missing people in Yosemite National Park or better yet, go to You Tube and watch a 3 part video titled: Is Sasquatch Eating our Kids by evulekin. Another enlightening video on You Tube is 40 minutes long, titled: Alaska,Colorado Sasquatch sighting report by SnowWalkerPrime. Educate yourselves before you mock people or speak about things you don't know anything about and keep an open mind and watch these in their entirety.

  18. Same thing when hundreds of ppl see ufo's and they're all called crazy ppl seeking attention goverment coverups and skeptics are the ones who are crazy

  19. Hey Sylvanic Bigfoot is back up and Todd was chosen by Les to be his wing man. Love me some Todd Standing!


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