Thursday, March 24, 2011

Charlotte, North Carolina Bigfoot Goes Viral

Bigfoot made it on Google's Top Ten search terms today. This has not happened since 2008 during the Geogia Bigfoot Hoax. What has everybody searching for Bigfoot on Google? Most likely the new North Carolina's Knobby video we reported yesterday.

It didn't hurt that MSNBC reported the Bigfoot story in its Tech and Science Section.

Not all are pleased with MSNBC's categorization of Bigfoot. Another NBC Affiliate in the Bay Area takes time to complain.

World's Worst Camera Captures Bigfoot
An incredibly fuzzy video of Bigfoot emerges. Fuzzy video? In 2011?
Updated 4:15 PM PDT, Thu, Mar 24, 2011 | Print

MSNBC is breathlessly reporting -- in its "science" section no less -- the emergence of a new Bigfoot video, shot by a fellow in North Carolina.

"Knobby," as the photographer nicknames him, walks across the road right in front of the camera. He contacted his local NBC TV station, "NewsChannel 36."

He also posted the video to YouTube, writing, "Carolyn stopped the truck and I jumped from the truck with a small video camera and started shooting a video of the Big Foot as it ran across the road in front of the truck."

What we wonder is how in 2011 someone, even someone in North Carolina, is using what appears to be a video camera designed by Galileo Galilei. The video is fuzzy and jerky and incredibly, saved as a .avi file. Even the camera on the iPad2 is better than that.

While the video is fuzzy, apparently Bigfoot's Knobby's smell is very distinct.
Says the man: "If you could have been there on that road and saw it live and smelled its horrid smell you would know that it had to be real. I know it brought cold chills to me when it looked just for a second at me and snarled or growled before it ran on up into the woods."

If our inbox is any indication most Bigfooters are not convinced either. However, if you find the search trends of Bigfoot interesting, than visit the links below under the heading YOU MAY ALSO LIKE. One of them has interactive doodads! Just like the one below.

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  1. I'm all eyes when anything says "Bigfoot," even godawful Syfy movies. I get suckered in every time and each time even more disappointed. Refrigerator BF? Drunken hillbillies reporting his pretty long hair? Fuzzy video on a roadway? Where the heck are the Gimlins and Pattersons of our day?

  2. AutumnForest you crack us up! Yes, we find ourselves alway's saying, "You had us at 'Bigfoot'"


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