Friday, March 25, 2011

Bigfoot film 'Night Claws' Begins Shooting

A Bigfoot creature is roaming the piney woods of south Mobile County, feasting on pretty blondes, brunettes and bad guys alike.

This is the basis of the latest low-budget action film to spring from the pen of David Prior. Prior, 54, a screenwriter, director and producer, made 18 movies the late 1980s and early 1990s, including “Mutant Species,” “Raw Justice,” “Night Trap,” “Raw Nerve” and “Invasion Force.”

It will be “gory, but not too gory,” he promised. “We have a great creature coming up. It’s a traditional rubber, foam and latex costume; no CGI. I didn’t want any CGI in the movie, although David wants some,” --Producer Fabio Soldani

Although this movie may not be as respectful to the Sasquatch as Christopher Munch's film Letters from the Big Man, it probably never intended to be.

Sly Stallone's brother, Frank Stallone is starring in it. Even though he's the most famous of the acting ensemble, its not surprising he doesn't get top billing. After all, he can't even get a descent role when his own brother writes, directs and produces a movie. He played "the singer" in the first three Rocky Movies.

You may remember Alissa Koenig from another David A Prior movie titled Zombie Wars.

Actor Ted Prior, who has starred in about half the movies his brother has made in south Alabama, plays Koenig’s husband, Charlie Parker, a tough East Coast type on a camping trip, led by seasoned survivalist Sharon Farmer (Tara Sanford Kleinpeter).

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  1. Oh jeez! Someone hire us and the dude in the very cool costume that does the Jack Links ads and we could shoot a better film.

  2. Oh geez, another lame worthless stupid idiotic bombshell...............

  3. If you know B-movie history, you would know that Frank Stallone is far from the biggest name is this movie - Reb Brown, Ted Prior, etc. are all b-legends.

  4. Thank you Anon. Your right, in the arena of B-movies, Reb Brown, Ted Prior, etc. are, in fact, all b-legends.

    We should have been more clear, Stallone probably has a bigger name recognition in the mainstream collect conscious.

    We are fans of B-movies and especillay support the monster-of-the-week movies SyFy has been producing.

    Thanks again for helping us clear it up!

  5. Glad Reb Brown back in movies I grew up watching all his movies, YOR,HOWLING 2, CAGE etc he is a LEGEND of the B movie actors nobody does it better


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