Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little Levity, North Carolina Bigfoot Remix

As promised we thought we would share a little remix based on the blond Bigfoot reported in North Carolina last year.

Need a reminder of the blonde Bigfoot? Check out the "YOU MAY ALSO LIKE" below.

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  1. Jeez, this was a great way to end my day off with a great big belly laugh. I love that dude! Someone should put him on a reality show. I'd like to just see cameras cover him in his home looking for BF to come back out in his yard and knocking back a few brews. It could be freaking hilarious.

  2. Great idea Autumn! I would love to be there and kick back a few with him!

  3. why is almost every description of a Big foot is; 'it was 9 feet tall 800 lbs built like a line backer. It like say; 'it's not the heat but the humidity" Not every Big foot is 9 feet tall etc. There are a lot more young ones (and skinny) tramping thru the woods. I find with my experience, that the younger ones are more curious and will approach near humans a lot more than the older, wiser ones. I just think a lot of the 'so-called' witnesses are just repeating what they think all big foots look like.

    In all my years of research, I have had many encounter/sightings. Believe me, they "all" do not look the same! (Just like us humans) Contrary to 'accepted" belief" I've seen 2 main types; One type Human looking/Ape like, the other all Ape like.

    Also almost every "supposed witness' never tells of the odor these animals put off/ that's strange! They stink!

    With the T.V. show "Finding Big foot" everybody is seeing them, now, even in England! My name is John, my Email is:


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